October 13

Who else benefits from authors who blog?

What writers and artists need to know about how Google is using our creations to gather data.

Marketing gurus tell us to create websites, blogs, YouTube videos, and more to promote our books online. 

What they forget to mention is that companies like Google are happily using our creative content to fuel their big-money businesses.

The trial on federal antitrust charges against Google began in 2023, and it is considered the most significant monopoly trial in the tech sector since the Department of Justice's case against Microsoft over 20 years ago.

The Department of Justice asserts that Google's 90% share of the search market stifles competition and innovation. They argue that the quality of search results has suffered and that results have been manipulated to promote Google's products. Additionally, Google and its parent company, Alphabet, are accused of profiting from increased ad space at the top of search results.

The outcome of this trial could have significant implications for Google's business model and the tech industry as a whole. It's worth noting that Google is also facing a separate antitrust lawsuit related to its alleged monopoly on advertising technologies.

If the Department of Justice prevails in this trial, it could have far-reaching consequences for Google's operations and the way it conducts business, potentially affecting its entire ecosystem of products and services.

Morgan was asked to weigh in, from the perspective of consumers and creators. 

Read more in the article on MSN.


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