October 3

Do you want individual writing advice?

My goal for the Paper Raven Editing blog is to solve your writing problems. I want to give you inspiration, help you to be a more productive writer, and pass along some of the editing techniques I've developed over the years. I want this blog to speak directly to any and all of the struggles you face as a writer.

First, I think I need to know a little bit more about you and your writing life. Whether you're a casual writer or a professional writer, whether this is your first time reading the blog or you come by every week, I want to know more about you.

Would you mind answering just a few questions for me? The answers will completely confidential, sent directly to me, and I will read every one of them. I'm giving you short answer blanks, but feel free to give me as much detail as you like. The more you tell me about your writing life, the more I can craft this blog to talk about what would be most helpful to you.

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