April 25

Want free help with your writing?

Big news! I'm putting together a series of free video workshops. I want to use this as a chance to help with your writing, to answer your questions about writing, editing, anything you want.

One of my favorite parts about being an editor and writing coach is my Skype calls with clients. I have the best clients in the world – which I know I say all the time, but it's true. Anyway, we talk about the difficulties of writing, problems with organizing structure, how to write more compelling prose, taking out unnecessary tangents, staying motivated through the process, and pretty much everything in between.

If you and I were to sit down and chat about your writing, what would you want to know? Imagine if we were just sharing a cup of coffee, and you could pick my brain about anything you want.

Here's your chance! Just ask, and I'll give you an answer in the free video workshops – coming soon.

Leave a comment below or send me an email at morgan@paperravenediting.com.


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