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Use Your Expertise to Become A Published Author

Use Your Expertise to Become A Published Author, self publishing, I want a book and a course, which do I do first

I know I want a book and a course, which one should I do first?

Morgan sits down and speaks with Chris Badgett with LifterLMS on how using your expertise can be used to not only create, launch, and scale a course but write a book. You can use the book to funnel readers into your courses, and your course users into readers. 

With Chris, Morgan breaks down how to get the book written, what rules to follow, and which ones you don’t need to follow, how ChatGPT can help you with writer’s block, formatting, and how to include a lead incentive inside your book to drive readers to your website, ask them to sign up for your list, and upsell them into your courses. 

Listen to their chat to learn all the details

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