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Unleashing Entrepreneurial Authority: The Power of Writing a Book

The Wings Podcast featuring Morgan Gist Macdonald, Paper Raven Books CEO, How to Write Your Book

Leverage your book to grow your community and accelerate your growth.

In episode #820 of the Wings Podcast, Melinda Wittstock emphasizes the significance of entrepreneurs writing books to enhance their credibility, authority, and brand. 

The task might appear daunting, but according to Morgan Gist MacDonald, a bestselling author and the founder of Paper Raven Books, it could take as little as 40 to 80 hours to complete the first draft, and what can that investment of time do for your life? Especially when a book can greatly amplify thought leadership and credibility, not to mention propelling business growth?

Morgan’s own book, “Start Writing Your Book Today,” now has over 1,800 positive reviews on Amazon. Her commitment to aiding others in sharing their messages has garnered her a substantial social media following and a large email newsletter readership, where she provides valuable insights into the book writing and publishing journey.

Listen to the podcast now to discover how you can harness your entrepreneurial authority and write a book. 

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