October 6

The Ultimate Book Project Timeline

prb-blog-16-10-06If you’re thinking about writing a book, I would bet (a lot of) money that one of the things holding you back is just the sheer size of the project. How many weeks/months/years is this going to take? How do I keep track of what I should be doing next? Can you just give me a project timeline to follow?

Well, now, the answer is: YES, I can give you one of the most beautiful, practical, versatile, customizable book project timelines out there.
Why is this the Ultimate Book Project Timeline? Let’s break it down.

You need to see every phase of moving from vague ideas to writing through editing and revisions, and on into publishing and launching.

You are the project manager, and you need a tool that’ll help you maintain the broad view of the project, without losing sight of your end goal. You need to be able to see each phase, with a short description of what happens in that phase, without getting bogged down in the details. As you approach each phase, then you can research and hire freelancers to help you get through that phase, but you’ll be able to see how that phase leads into the next, so that you can make sure you’re working toward the end goal of a published book.

You need to see approximately how much time each phase should take.

Now, I will admit that there is some wiggle room, here. I have worked with writers who are intense focusers and want to get a book done in 90 days. We do that. Heck, my own first book was done in just over 90 days. But I’ve also worked with writers who want more time to process (which is completely fine) and would prefer more like six months to write and publish the book.

So, tell you what I’ve done. I’ve made two Ultimate Book Project Timelines, one for 90 days and one for 6 months. They’re both available for free download just below on this page.

You can look at both the 90-day and the 6-month timelines, plug in real dates, and see which one feels more exciting, enthusing, and energizing to you. If you look at how much each phase could take in the 90-day book project timeline and get that nervous/excited energy that screams, “I could be done with my book January 2017!” then, hey, you’ve got it all mapped out for you.

But if you see those dates and start feeling like the walls are closing in on you, you can just open up the six-month book project timeline and see more space for each phase and breathe easier.

I want to note that I would like you to push yourself to pick one of the two timelines and do your best to commit to the timeframes I’ve recommended. It’s far too easy to spend years writing your book, and that usually happens when you don’t have focus or commitment. With focus and commitment (and a book project timeline), it is completely reasonable to finish your book in either 90 days or six months.

You need to be able to adjust your dates easily, if surprises pop up in life.

Life happens, I get it. You start out with the best of intentions to finally finish a project, and week #2 into making real progress, a family member gets sick, your computer dies, your spouse gets let go, your kid needs counseling or treatment, you need counseling, your car has to be replaced. There are so many things that can go wrong in life, it’s amazing we get anything done.

You need a way to see that it’s possible to recover from missing a few weeks of progress. This book project timeline is fully adjustable. Just change one of the dates, and all the other dates just auto-adjust, like magic. It’s basically the Ultimate, Magical Book Project Timeline.

Plus, it’s pretty, I’ve just got to say.

And you can download this book project timeline for FREE, right here, right now:

Here are the Ultimate Book Project Timelines (you’ll get both the 90-day and the 6-month):

Or click here to get both timelines.

I’ll be sending you instructions on how to customize the timeline (don’t worry, it’s super easy).

Tell me, are you the type of person that needs to see every phase laid out in a project? Or do you prefer to just take one step a time, figuring it out as you go?


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