(Transcript) – Trying to be perfectly consistent every danged day will make your life miserable.


Morgan MacDonald ( https://twitter.com/morgangmac) :  [Today] we’re talking about consistency, and how it is NOT then end of the world if you’re not consistent EVERY dang day of your life. So, if that’s what you want to talk about stick around, [because] you’re in the right place.


Everyone else, as you’re joining, welcome. Pop in and say “Hi!” I’m back in the car [laughter]. I usually try to Scope around lunchtime, and we talk about writing, and I give you all sorts of motivation and strategies, and what-not. [But] today that just DIDN’T happen, and it is TOTALLY okay.


So right now well, first I’ll say [that] I did NOT do my normal lunchtime Scope, because I was editing a dissertation, and it was very THICK [laughter]  – let’s just say – and my eyes started to blur, and I decided I needed a nap. That was a GREAT decision, because I feel a LOT better after my nap. That means by the time I finished what I was working on it was time to go pick up the kids from school. So let me give you a little [behind-the-scenes] of what my life looks like when I’m not with my whiteboard and light and what-not. I’m in the carpool line!


I’ve got one in the back seat eating his snack. I’ve got another one over here drinking her bottle – she doesn’t hold her bottle yes [so] I’M holding it – and we’re waiting in line for my kindergartener. This is real life folks [laughter], and it is totally okay. Part of me was like, “I really need to do my Scope with my whiteboard, and my light, and my tripod, and I have a message to share, and it is going to be the end of the world if I don’t get this message out.” [But] you know what? It’s NOT. It’s NOT the end of the world [laughter].


We need to bring a little more levity, grace, [and] ease to our lives, and realize [that] ALTHOUGH we are trying to do important things, we DON’T need to beat ourselves UP if we’re not perfectly, 100% consistent. So we TRY, but if we miss a day it’s OKAY! Really. It’s not the end of the world. We have important things to do, but we should not OVERESTIMATE our own importance. So if we miss a day, or we have to take a break, it’s FINE! Let it roll off. It’s not a big deal.


That [is] really my message for you guys today. I have PLANS for awesome things to share with you. I have put together a new free resource for those of you who are wanting to write a book. I think it’s going to be HUGELY valuable. We can talk more about that tomorrow.


But I just wanted to give you guys a little PERMISSION. Here’s your permission ship – hah! I’m waiting in line to pick up my kindergartner. Here’s your permission slip. If you’re not TOTALLY, 100% consistent, it’s fine. Life is going to be good. [laughter]. We’ve got a LOT of life left to live, and we can accomplish a lot, and the best way to keep accomplishing good, amazing things is to keep it LIGHT, [and] keep it EASY. [We] make progress every day, and we’re not going to beat ourselves up over the occasional day where we have to take a nap, and then go pick up the kids from school. It’s fine [laughter].


So that’s what we’re talking about today. I hope that’s moderately helpful. So that’s it. Thank guys. I will see you all tomorrow, probably. I mean, but if it’s not tomorrow we’re not going to get all hung up on it, ARE we? Alrighty guys. Have a good day. Bye.


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