(Transcript) – Strategies for iterating your way to success in writing and business


Morgan MacDonald : Hello, welcome to the replay. If you are interested in hearing about how iteration is so important in your business and your writing, stick around, [because] that is exactly what we’re talking about… Welcome, as other people are joining the room. yáll pop in the chat, and tell me your NAME, tell me where you’re from, [and] tell me what you write. That’s my FAVORITE part. It’s so fun to watch all of you join in. It’s great. I hope everyone is having a good Friday. I like Fridays…


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It’s my husband’s birthday….


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Morgan MacDonald : Blabbing is on my agenda, for sure. [I’m] going out with my husband tonight for his birthday. That’ll be super fun. We don’t go out on date nights very much, so when we do we always regret it the next morning [laughter]. Just kidding, sort of [laughter].


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Morgan MacDonald : … “Don’t get too crazy.” … Thanks Kenzel…… Well, we’ve got three kids, [so] we have to wake up at 5:30am or 6:00am ANYWAY. So basically just staying up until 11pm makes us regret it, because it’s just hard to get up early and take care of those kids every day.But it’s okay. It’s totally worth it. They are great kids. They are. So today we’re talking about iteration…


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Morgan MacDonald : “Theýll sleep for six hours.”… Yeah. We’re always like, “”Oh, we’ll put them to bed late. and then they’ll sleep late.”” [but] that never, never happens. There’s three of them, and one of them is ALWAYS going to wake up.


All right. So let’s talk about reiteration here, and how we can use this idea – this MOTIVATION behind iteration – to constantly improve and tweak, [then again] improve and tweak our writing AND our business. I think this is actually a really important concept to try to INTERNALIZE. It’s helped ME a lot really in the last YEAR. I started looking at my writing in a different light because of thinking about it as an iteration.


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Morgan MacDonald : …[laughter] Don’t call her a coward, Ron. We’re nice. On MY Scope we have to be nice [laughter]. You can be however you want in your OWN Scope… Oh, and SHARE! Sharing is fun. So if you know someone who is a writer, and probably should do more writing out in public…


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : She started it.


Morgan MacDonald : … “She started it.”… You know what? I have three kids already. I don’t need two more kids [laughter]. I REALLY don’t need two more kids [laughter]… [But] if you know someone who is a writer, and is working in writing, and turning it into a business, share… Thank you, Ron, for sharing… And then you can HELP them [to] become a better writer, and a better business person. Because as writers – this is what we are going to talk about all week – we ARE business people. We are running a business. Our READERS are our CUSTOMERS.  Right? We are trying to FIND them. get in touch with them. and stay in touch with them, so they can come back and read our books over and over again, and buy [our] NEW books when we put them out …Thanks for the hearts guys…


So we ARE a business, and you’ve got wrap your head around that. You’re NOT just writing for the ART. You are writing to affect someone’s life – whether it’s just making them LAUGH because your book is FUNNY, or CRY because your book is SAD, or teaching them some transformative information they didn’t know before – the ONLY way that’s going to happen is if they read your book. And the only way they [can] read your book is if you MARKET it SMARTLY, and can get your book into their hands, and they read it. [Also, it’s] even BETTER if they share it with THEIR friends. So this is the vision that we are working toward, and a HUGE piece of this is learning to think of your writing AND your business – because you have BOTH – as an ITERATIVE process.

Okay.  So what is an “iteration”. I did “define: iteration” in my Google search bar earlier…


MIguel Rubbio ( https://twitter.com/migg300 ) : I [did my first] Periscope!


Morgan MacDonald : … You Periscoped Miguel?! Okay. I missed it, but it’s probably still in my feed, so I’m going to go look for it right after this and watch it. Awecome. I’m very excited for you… Good job guys! Good job TEAM. “Team #periscopewriters”, we are getting more and more courageous, aren’t we? Good job [laughter]…. Okay. So when you type in “define : iterate” into Google. which is what I do – because Google has a really great dictionary by the way – [the definition] is : “to perform, or utter, repeatedly”, or “to say, or do, again and again.” So how do we actually APPLY this concept? In our writing what [most of us] typically start out doing is [that] we want to write because we have been PERSONALLY affected, somehow, by writing. Whether it was fiction of nonfiction – I mean, it could have been fairy-tales when we were a kids, [or] a book that we read in college, whatever. We were personally affected by something that was really beautiful, profound, [and/or] moving, and we thought, “Oh, I want to do that too!!” So we see this ART that we love, and we want to create something LIKE it. The problem is that the first time we try to create it’s terrible [laughter]. It just IS! …Thanks for the hearts. That means you know what I’m talking about… The first time you create some art it does not live up to the expectations that you have. That’s part of the reason why we ARE artists and writers, though, is because we can see something beautiful and recognize that beauty, or that profoundness, or that moving-ness. We can SEE that. We recognize it. But then we also see this huge gap between what WE are creating and what we WANT to create.


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : And the second.


Morgan MacDonald : … Right, and the second… Yeah. So the first one is really, really terrible.


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : Probably the third.


Morgan MacDonald : … Yes Ron. You’re totally going [in] the same direction [that] I am… So what we have to get into our mindset is that this is an ITERATIVE process, right? It’s an iteration.  First it’s terrible,  [then] we HOPE the second is a little better, hope the third is a little better, [and] hope the fourth is a little better. That idea makes sense in the abstract.


[So], how do you BRING it down from the abstract into the concrete, and start applying this. It means, first of all, let’s say you’re writing books – because that’s what I mostly work on with authors – you have to set  out to FINISH your book. You have to write and finish one book, put it out in the world. and then start again. You do not get to write chapter one over and over and over again. That’s USELESS. Okay? So this is where we’re going to start drawing a distinction between the type of PERSISTENCE where you are pursuing something that out of hope, because you you think it will bring you SUCCESS, [which is] different from continually pursuing something out of a bad habit.


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : Fast draft.


Morgan MacDonald : … “”Fast draft”, Ron. Exactly….


Kay-Zee ( https://twitter.com/kenzelsfire ) : I’m not sure a writer EVER feels that satisfaction because writing is so subjective.


Morgan MacDonald :  … Kenzel says, “I’m not sure a writer EVER feels that satisfaction because writing is so subjective.”…Yes, but I DO think [that] there ARE moments in the creative process where you DO feel PROUD of what you have put out. Maybe later on, looking BACK, you won’t feel as proud as you once did. I mean, this happened to me even with my book that I put out over the summer. The day that I published it on Amazon was like SUCH a huge HIGH, and I LOVED that book. I STILL love that book. But as I’m going back later, and reading it – because we’re turning it into an audiobook, and printing it in paper, and all of this stuff – I’m [re-reading it] and I’m like, “Oh, I really could have done better HERE, and I could have explained THIS a little bit better.” [Ultimately] you, kind of, just have to get over that.


So – sorry, I’m taking a couple of different strings here. There’s the ONE point where we want to do these things over and over again to [the point of] “completion”. [For instance],if you’re writing a book you COMPLETE the book, right? So you want to complete it. You want to make sure [that] WHAT you are completing, and pursuing, is something that you hope will bring you success. Okay. So I actually want to just stay here for just a second. There are ACTIONS that we REPEAT out of BAD HABIT. That is NOT what we’re talking about. Okay? So iterating on checking Facebook  and email before you write, if you do that every single time before you write, that is NOT a good habit. That is NOT a good iterative practice. We DON’T want to get better and better at checking social media before we write. That’s just a PLAIN bad habit, and that’s totally NOT what we’re talking about.


We’re talking about pursuing the goal of writing a book.  You probably FEEL that sense of HOPE in there; that by doing this ACTION [you] hope that it will bring good results, just like going for a jog in the morning is something that you [can] iterate [to] get better and better at, [and so] that is something that you HOPE will get you [into] better shape.


Kay-Zee ( https://twitter.com/kenzelsfire ) : It doesn’t help that Scope and Twitter are upcoming new problems.


Morgan MacDonald : …Kenzel says, “It doesn’t help that Scope and Twitter are upcoming new problems.”… Yeah, they’re becoming new problems. Exactly Kenzel…. There’s always distractions. You can CARVE out time. You just need INTENTION with your time. [For instance]. there are only a FEW people that I will drop what I am doing to watch on Periscope. Otherwise I am catching replays.


MIguel Rubbio ( https://twitter.com/migg300 ) : That messes me up, looking at everything else but my writing.


Morgan MacDonald : … Miguel says, “That messes me up, looking at everything else but my writing.”..


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : And Blab.


Morgan MacDonald : … [laughter] Ron, “And Blab”… Yeah. Exactly. So we want to to make sure that we are trying to iterate on the things that bring us SUCCESS. So I think we can all agree that our WRITING is what we’re hoping will bring us success. So we are iterating in our writing, and we’re trying to bring it to COMPLETION. So write an ENTIRE blog post. Write an ENTIRE article that will be published in a magazine. Write an ENTIRE book. FINISH it. Put “the end”. Stamp it, seal it, and send it off. Ship it. Publish it on Amazon. THAT is a full, complete process. Then you do it AGAIN.  Okay?


So you can not iterate over and over again on Chapter One. That will get you NOWHERE. That’s a bad habit.  If you write a sentence, and then go back and rewrite that sentence, you’re not going ANYWHERE, fast.


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : Ship it.


Morgan MacDonald : … Exactly. Ron says “Ship it.”’… So this is what we’re talking about. Every single time that you sit down to write something – okay, I DO practice free writing [because] free writing is its own little habit – but when I sit down to write something in particular, whether it’s a blog post, a PDF opt-in, [or] an article that I’m going to send out to be used as a guest post, or a book, these things must be COMPLETED before I start the next one.


MIguel Rubbio ( https://twitter.com/migg300 ) : Last night the pastor said to focus on the right things.          


Morgan MacDonald : …“Last night the pastor said to focus on the right things.”. Miguel, exactly… So [embrace the idea that] “energy flows where attention goes”. So turn your attention to those things that you really think [that] once you complete them and get BETTER at them, they will bring you success. So what is that? For a lot of us here that is BOOKS.


So the experiential problem that we have when we start to implement this is that we start to experience these zig-zags, right? We know that this is going to happen, but it’s really HARD when it actually DOES happen. So we put something out, and we feel really great about it, and so we zig-zag UP, like. ”Yes! I’m going for success!” Then you look at it later and you’re like, “Ugh! That was not as good as I THOUGHT it was”, and then you feel terrible and,  sort of, go like this [downward hand motion], and then your book isn’t selling [so] you keep going like this [downward hand motion], and then you look at other people’s writing and you keep going like this [downward hand motion]. You’ve got to pull yourself out of it and say, “It’s okay! I’m iterating. I’m iterating.” You’ve [just] got to publish something else, and experience another high. So there’s this constant up and down, up and down.


That means [that] some days you’re going to feel like crap [laughter]. It’s just how it is. Some days you are going to be on fire, and loving the writing, and some days you’re going to feel like crap, and you’re going to HATE the writing. But in this creative process you’ve got to keep your energy flowing toward that thing that you know you’re iterating. You have to literally just remind yourself, very logically, like, “This is part of the PROCESS of completing and shipping and starting a new project, and each time I’m going to get a little bit BETTER.” And each time your EXPECTATIONS are going to rise also. So there’s this constant,  sort of, leveling up game.


So yeah, you’re NEVER going to feel 100% satisfied, but you ARE going to have days where you are like high on life, [so] enjoy those days, [and] celebrate those days, because not every day is going to be like that [laughter]. But do EXPECT that there’s going to be this, sort of, up and down. [irrelevant comment].


Okay. So that’s how we do it writing. BUT we’re also BUSINESS owners. So how does this look in business. It means that you are going to pursue new business tactics, and those business tactics might be really overwhelming…


MIguel Rubbio ( https://twitter.com/migg300 ) : Should I read less books on my genre, and read business and honing on my writing?


Morgan MacDonald :  …Miguel [asks], “Should I read less books on my genre, and read business and honing on my writing?”… Ooo, good question. I have this problem too. I’ve been really binging on business books – like business, and professional, and personal development stuff – really for the last YEAR. But I’m trying to [find] a better balance of really having a cycle of fiction books that just INSPIRE me, and I love; nonfiction books about the craft of writing, and then nonfiction books about business or personal development. – but trying to keep a MIX going… Yeah. Ron said the same thing. You don’t want to JUST devote yourself to the business.


You, kind of, have to go with your natural leanings, too. I’m the sort of person that [gets] on a roll with something. I allow myself to roll with that for at least a few weeks. I ride the momentum. So if I read a nonfiction book about business, and it gives me a really great idea, I try to roll with that nonfiction business genre for a couple of weeks.


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : A fiction writer needs to read a lot of fiction.


Morgan MacDonald : …Ron says, “A fiction writer needs to read a lot of fiction.”… Yes. That is totally true..


Kay-Zee ( https://twitter.com/kenzelsfire ) : Tangent question. What device are you using to record this Scope?


Morgan MacDonald : … Then Kenzel [asks], “Tangent question. What device are you using to record this Scope?”… Oh, my iPhone.


MIguel Rubbio ( https://twitter.com/migg300 ) : It’s all balance.


Morgan MacDonald : …It’s all balance… Yeah. Balance means different things to different people. So some people can do balance really well, [where] it’s like, “I’m going to read ONE business book, and then ONE fiction book, and then ONE personal development book.” And they can keep a rolling rotation system that is really nice and clean and organized. MY balance looks more like, I go REALLY HEAVY on the business for a couple of weeks, and then I’m like, “Okay. I’m tired now. I’m going to go really heavy on the craft writing, or the fiction, for a couple of weeks.” So MY balance is actually just more like a pendulum swing back and forth [laughter].


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : I read “How To” books about two hours a week.   


Morgan MacDonald : …Ron says, “I read “How To” books about two hours a week.”..That sounds very organized and disciplined. I admire that, Ron [laughter].


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : And fiction an hour every night.


Morgan MacDonald : …””And fiction an hour every night.”… Good lord! I wish I had three hours to read, but I know we’re in different stages of life [laughter]. That’s children… But yes, if you like routines. and schedules, and stuff – which I, kind of, do – if you’re able to maintain the, “I read a little bit HERE everyday, and a little bit HERE everyday.” Go for it. I’m a pendulum swing, personally.


MIguel Rubbio ( https://twitter.com/migg300 ) : @RonEstrada. That’s a good balance for me.


Morgan MacDonald : … There you go. Miguel and Ron, yáll are on the same page. [I’m] glad yáll connected that… But in business it can also feel a little bit uncomfortable because we are trying really new techniques and things. So with business I feel like it’s really easy to go down the rabbit hole. I’m currently, kind of, IN that rabbit hole, and trying not to drown.


[So like] yesterday we were talking about creating this ebook and making an opt-in out of it. [So] let’s say you decide, “I’m going to try doing some Facebook  advertising to drive traffic to that opt-in.” Great! Lot’s of people do that. It’s a fantastic idea. But it’s NEW, and you might have to do a couple of Facebook ads. So an iteration ad would be COMPLETING a Facebook ad, running it, and seeing the results.


So I had this problem when I was first starting the business. I was too timid about doing the Facebook ads, and so I would go in, and I would set one up, and tweak it, and make a little image [but] not actually PUBLISH it, because I didn’t want to waste the money. Well that’s a WASTE of my TIME! I didn’t LEARN anything from that process. It only COUNTS if you finish, and you learn something from it so you can improve the next time. So I FORCED myself [by saying], “Okay. I’m doing this. I’m going to run a Facebook ad.” I think I put it at a maximum [of] $5 a day, or whatever. I ran it, and I got very few hits, because I didn’t do it right [laughter]”


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : You have to test ads.


Morgan MacDonald : … Exactly. Ron says, “You have to test ads.”… I didn’t know how to TEST ads, but I would never have really figured it out unless I tried, right? So now I’ve gotten much more comfortable with the fact that every campaign I [actually] have two different Twitter – well, I do Twitter AND Facebook  now – ads, [where] I TRY ONE, actually ship it and complete the ad. Then I try another one and complete that ad and compare them. Then the next go-around – a month later, when I’m doing another set of ads – I have a completed process to look back on and say, “Okay. That’s what worked on THAT end, [and] here’s what I can improve on.”


There are lots of different things that you can tweak. I have started really working on my IMAGES. I find that when I have a picture of MYSELF, and really clean, big text – but no more than 20% on Facebook – that that converts much better that just an image of my book, for instance, because I think people are drawn more to a picture of a FACE than a book cover. So I use pictures of me, and had to get more pictures of myself [laughter].


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : If you can afford it LeadPages http://www.leadpages.net/ is great for testing.


Morgan MacDonald : …Ron says, “If you can afford it LeadPages is great for testing ” … I LOVE LeadPages. That’s what I use. It is expensive, [but] it is a way to create really beautiful opt-in pages, but yes, it is great… So you LEARN things like that. Like I learned that I had to take more pictures of myself, because people will click on my face more than they’ll click on my book cover [laughter], which is weird, but you’ve got to roll with it. okay [laughter]. [I also] learned that I have to specify my TARGET audience. So I can’t just say that “people in English speaking countries from ages 14 to 62.” That’s TOO BROAD, [and so] I don’t get enough CLICKS. It costs too much money [since] each click costs more. It’s much more EFFICIENT if I say, “I’m looking for people in the English-speaking world who are ages 24 to 65, or whatever, and have interest in writing and reading. The my clicks are MUCH more efficient.


So these are just little things that you learn, and you take notes on as you do them, and you IMPROVE. You SHIP a Facebook  ad, and you have the lessons learned, and then you do it again. I think it’s the guy who [founded] LinkedIn. He has this really famous quote, that’s like, “If you’re not EMBARRESSED of the product when you first ship it, then you shipped too late.” I’m the type of person [who] will HOLD ON to a product for TOO LONG. I will keep working on my book. I will keep working on my web site. I will keep working on my opt-in, and I’ll just HOLD it, because I’m afraid that it’s not good enough. I’m afraid that it doesn’t live up to the expectation that I have. I mean, I see all of these other people with these amazing BOOKS, these beautiful WEB SITES, and these fantastic opt-ins, and  I’m like,  “Mine doesn’t live up to what I want it to be, so I don’t want to release it.” …Thanks for the hearts guys… But you will go NOWHERE with that mindset…. Darnell is in here. You snuck in. Darnell, you have to say. “”Hi.” [laughter]. You don’t have to say hi. You might be at work actually, [so] maybe you can’t. [and] that’s totally fine… I always see you guys afterward. In fact, I’ve been really lazy about my Twitter. But I do always go back and see who’s in the Scope, so thank you guys.


So that’s my MAIN message for you is, this weekend, think about what you want…


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : He’s quiet.


Morgan MacDonald : … [laughter] “He’s quiet.”… to improve on…


Kay-Zee ( https://twitter.com/kenzelsfire ) : [I] can’t message you on Twitter.


Morgan MacDonald : … You can’t message me on Twitter!? Oh, Kenzel, we’ll have to figure that out. I bet we can…. If you use Katch https://katch.me/morgangmac/  you can go to Katch and you can see… [irrelevant comment] … all of the usernames of people who commented in your Scope, and you can click them and it pulls up Twitter for you.


MIguel Rubbio ( https://twitter.com/migg300 ) :     I'm at work. I'm kinda sneaking around. lol.


Morgan MacDonald : … Miguel says, “I'm at work. I'm kinda sneaking around.” [laughter]. … I know. Yeah, the mid-day Scopes. They were for ME because it’s “nap time”, but you guys don’t have “nap time” at work [laughter].


So what are you going to iterate on? What are you working on this weekend? What is the PROJECT that you want to bring to completion? I want an answer in the chatbox. Is it s book? Is it an opt-in? Is it a sample ebook? Is it s blog post? Is it an article to send out for a guest post? Is it an email newsletter? What are you going to work on with the INTENTION of completing it so that you can iterate on it. What’s it going to be?


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : Blabbing my podcast!


Morgan MacDonald : …”Blabbing my podcast!”… Very nice. I COULD steal yours, but I won’t… Mine is going to be a new opt-in that I’m developing. I HATE releasing new opt-ins. It’s SO nerve-wracking. But I’m going to do it! I’m going to MAKE myself COMPLETE this opt-in, [even though] I KNOW it’s not going to be as good as I want it to be, but I’m going to make myself continue to just iterate, and evolve, and improve. [That’s] the only way we can do it. Anybody else? What are you going to iterate on?


MIguel Rubbio ( https://twitter.com/migg300 ) : Blog post I haven't done one in a while.


Morgan MacDonald : … Miguel [says], “Blog post I haven't done one in a while.”…Yes. That is a GREAT idea. I would say start write several, but just start with one. Start with one. Finish it, complete it, [and] ship it [to] get the momentum rolling. I love blogging – well, there have been times when I have NOT liked blogging – but blogging has been essential for the generation of my business, and for the generation of my book. So blogging is great. I know Ron does NOT like blogging… Some of these [new] social media platforms are REPLACING blogging.


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : And finishing my first edit of a book


Morgan MacDonald : …Ron says,”And finishing my first edit of a book”… Good job… Ayesha just joined. Hello. We’re actually just wrapping Ayesha, so I’m sorry…    


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : Blogging sux


Morgan MacDonald : … [laughter] Ron says, “Blogging suck.”… But just to give you a quick recap, [then] you can go back and catch the replay. Were talking about iterating, and that in BOTH our WRITING and our BUSINESS we need to learn to bring projects to COMPLETION – to finish them and ship them – so that the next one can be better, And that if we don’t finish [and] ship it, then we’re completely STALLING ourselves,[and] we’re never going to move up the, sort of, stair-step ladder towards success. So [you’ve] got to finish, ship, and be okay with the fact that it’s not going to be as good as you want it to be [laughter], which is really hard.  It’s EASY to TALK about, but HARD when you wake up in the morning [and] you look at the blog post you published and you’re like, “Ugh! There are three sentences of typos in that blog post. When am I EVER going to get better at this?” Maybe when I bring a proofreader on to read all of my blog posts. I should do that. [I’m] TOTALLY going to do that.


Okay. Anyway. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Go finish that project [and] bring it to completion so that you can just keep improving. And if you want Scope Notes – which might take me an hour to get up [laughter] – http://www.paperravenbooks.com/periscope And the next time YOU Scope use the hashtag :


#periscopewriters ( https://twitter.com/search?q=%23periscopewriters&src=typd )


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : Ahem.


Morgan MacDonald : … “Ahem”…


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : You have a blab tomorrow


Morgan MacDonald : .. Oh! Ron and I are blabbing this weekend…. Is that what we’re “Ahem”-ing about? Yeah. I don’t take hints well. You’ve got to be straight with me…. Yes. Okay.


Darnell Cureton ( https://twitter.com/DarnellCureton ) : In bad service area. Will catch replay


Morgan MacDonald : …Danrell says, “[I’m] in bad service area, [but] will catch replay”… Ron and Gina – his podcast co-host – and I, are doing a Blab tomorrow. I have not yet signed on for Blab https://blab.im/ .I believe my username is going to be morgangmac. That one is almost never taken. Ron, what’s your Blab username? How do we find you? Tomorrow at 2:15pm Central [time]. Actually, it will probably be 2:30pm central [time]. Ron, how do we find you?


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : Ronestrada


Morgan MacDonald : … Ronestrada… That’s very easy. Go to Blab. Blab is awesome. If you don’t know what Blab is, it is like Periscope meets Skype. So there can be THREE of us talking together. It’s like you get to watch a Periscope, but it’s me, and Ron, and Gina all talking TOGETHER. AND there’s actually a FOURTH spot open. There’s the capability for four people, We can bring someone [else] in. But actually that would probably be confusing. If you want to watch me and Ron Scope at the SAME TIME go to Blab. It’s going to be awesome. Tomorrow [at] 2:30pm-ish Central [time].


Ron Estrada (https://twitter.com/RonEstrada ) : I have a link posted at http://teenwriterspublish.com


Morgan MacDonald : … Ron says there’s a link posted at http://teenwriterspublish.com … Ron’s podcast is called “Teen Writer’s Publish”. So we are BLABBING, [and] we are ALSO recording a podcast episode. So it’s a crazy repurposing of content. It’s going to be awesome. We’ll tweet it out.


[So, okay everybody. That’s all for today. See you next time.]


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