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Morgan MacDonald : Welcome. Today I want to talk about some Periscope writers. Before that, let’s do some basics. If you don’t see me as sideways turn your phone sideways, or when we’re done here, update [laughter] because this is the landscape version… [irrelevant comment]. If you’re not yet following me hit the little “Peri-Dude” down there… [irrelevant comment]… in the bottom, and change that “plus” to a “check”, and that will let you know when I’m broadcasting. And if you like to talk about writing then you should definitely be following, because that’s what we talk about everyday, writing… If you like what we’re talking then tap hearts, and that lets me know that you’re there, and that you’re engaged, and that what I’m giving you is valuable, and it makes me happy, so thanks [laughter]… Thanks guys… There’s one other thing that I should tell you. I don’t remember. I’ll get to it… Thanks guys. Thanks for the hearts.


Oh right! Who am I? I am Morgan Gist MacDonald. I am a writing  coach, an editor, and an author. I run my business and my blog out of http://www.paperravenbooks.com . I catch all of these Periscopes, put them up on YouTube, I get transcripts, and have notes taken for you. You can find those at http://www.paperravenbooks.com/periscope . So you can always go over there to catch up on the latest Scopes. Today I am so excited because we’re talking about Periscope writers who I have been following. Some of you probably already know at least a couple of them, but I’m hoping to introduce you to, at least, a couple of NEW ones. So I’m, kind of, going to go through these. I don’t know if you can follow them right away. You might have to like write them down, or come back and watch the replay. But I’ve got five, and they’re all fantastic.


Okay. The first one is Ron Estrada… ( https://twitter.com/RonEstrada )… Ron is fantastic. He and I have become Periscope buddies. He is a fiction writer of fantasy and paranormal for young adults, but he has so many great ideas for not only WRITING, but also marketing books, and things like that. He’s got a podcast that he started, and all sorts of fantastic things. And he’s just a really cool guy. So Ron is definitely one of the five people that I follow. When his little notification pops up on my phone I stop what I’m doing and I watch, because he’s fantastic, and very real, very genuine, and very authentic.  


Dave Lee ( https://twitter.com/thisisdavelee ) : Oh yeah. That guy is cool.


Morgan MacDonald : … [Dave] says “That guy is cool.” [laughter] .. Ron, you get props…. So I like Ron a lot. I also have become Periscope buddies with …[irrelevant comment] … Ani Alexander. Her handle is a little bit different. It’s her Twitter handle too : https://twitter.com/Ani_LifeProb . Ani has a really popular podcast called “Write To Be Read”, and a fantastic blog too. She talks a lot about MARKETING your books, and things like that. So she’s great to follow. She is also just really personable, and gives tons and tons and tons of great content all over the place. So follow her wherever you can . Her blog and podcast are both great, and she’s exploring Periscope, but I am fully confident that she’s going to get on in a big way. She’s also starting to do Blab. So Ani’s really cool in that she’s experimental and always trying new things. So definitely follow her too.


The next person is someone NEW to me, but I’m excited to get to know her. We actually have stumbled across each other in a couple of Facebook groups too. So let me pull up https://twitter.com/shelleyhitz . I am excited to get to know Shelley because she is another nonfiction writing coach. So there are lots of fiction people out there. Ron and Ani are both fiction folks. Shelley is a nonfiction person, which I am excited to get to know someone else out there. She does a lot about marketing, and things like that, too, in addition to the actual writing part. So Shelley is very cool. [I’m] just getting to know her… Hey Courtney. Welcome…


Okay. Then these other two names are bigger names, who you probably have read their stuff before, but maybe you didn’t know that they’re on Periscope. I stalk them unabashedly… Thank you [Dave] for posting those… The next one is Jon Acuff ( https://twitter.com/jonacuff )… [irrelevant comment] … He’s a New York Times multiple best-selling author… [irrelevant comment] … and he’s hilarious…


Dave Lee ( https://twitter.com/thisisdavelee ) : I’m Dave by the way.


Morgan MacDonald : … Oh, Dave!… Your panel does say “ThisIsDaveLee”. I must have grabbed the wrong one. You’re right. I’m sorry. There is a Greg somewhere in here. Greg I pulled up your profile… Thank you Dave for letting me know… Your handles are really hard to read. They’re a really light grey… Okay, sorry. Back to Jon. [irrelevant comment].

Okay, Jon Acuff. New York Times bestselling author, [of] mostly nonfiction… Thanks Dave for putting that in… [He] writes a lot about business, and entrepreneurship. And his Scopes are just a lot of his personal life. So if you want to see an author who sometimes talks about writing, but sometimes talks about really random things, and is funny at the same time. He really let’s you see his personality. So Jon Acuff is definitely a fun one to follow, especially to get ideas of how you can use this platform as an author, and not just [to] talk to other authors, but actually talk to your readers. That’s a really tricky part about this platform. For us writers we tend to want to talk to other writers. But guess what? Our READERS are not necessarily writers. Our readers just want to read our stuff and get to know us. So Jon Acuff does a really go job of letting us SEE his life in a way that’s BOTH entertaining AND endears his readers to him. He’s just a goofball. I hope he doesn’t mind – we’ll see if he ever watches this replay. But that’s fine. He’ll probably agree [laughter]. Alrighty so that’s Jon Acuff.


Then the LAST one is someone who I have been, for REAL, stalking for a very long time. But he’s fantastic. I read everything that this person writes. Jeff Goins https://twitter.com/JeffGoins . Jeff is amazing. He is very inspirational to me. I love his platform in general. He has a fantastic blog. He’s super authentic, super helpful, [and] really wants to empower writers to build a platform that will not only serve YOU as a writer – like help you really get noticed – but also to really help your TRIBE and your readers. So I’ve watched him for several years now, kind of, go from just getting on the radar to exploding as this huge name in the internet space. And he still, throughout this process, has remained really grounded, really nice, [and] really funny. He writes mostly nonfiction, and if you want to know more about growing a platform, growing a tribe, [or] growing this online presence, he’s one to pay attention to, not only because he writes a lot about that, but because he DOES it. He’s doing it right now. He’s really exploding. They just did the Tribe Writers Conference. So he just did a live event, and that was really cool to see a writer, who is introverted, put together a huge, live event. [It let’s] you know that it IS possible to do this kind of branching out – something new, [and] something different. He also does random Scopes that are really funny too.


So Jon Acuff and Jeff Goins might never see this, but they should both know that I, kind of, have a crush on them and stalk them. But that’s okay. You should too [laughter].


Alrighty guys. So those are my five. I’m going to post those on the Scope Notes : http://www.paperravenbooks.com/periscope . And you can find [the above] handles there. Dave has done an awesome job of putting them up for you guys. And if you know any other writers who YOU follow on Periscope…


BlueSparkCol ( https://twitter.com/CourtneyOLIN ) : Thanks wrong!


Morgan MacDonald : …That’s wrong? What’s wrong? Well there might be a lot of things wrong.


BlueSparkCol ( https://twitter.com/CourtneyOLIN ) : Crush and stalk.


Morgan MacDonald : … “Crush and stalk” [laughter] … It’s fine. I mean, I’m married with three kids, but I can still have online crushes on people. Whatever [laughter]. I mean, I don’t stalk them PERSONALLY. I don’t know where they live. Although I know that Jeff Goins eats Mellow Mushroom pizza in Franklin, Tennessee, because he just Scoped about that. I love Mellow Mushroom, because I went to school at Vanderbilt, which is across the street from a Mellow Mushroom pizza place. And if I ever go back to Tennessee I might just hang out there to see if he shows up [laughter].


BlueSparkCol ( https://twitter.com/CourtneyOLIN ) : I know. Just pulling your leg.


Morgan MacDonald : … You’re just pulling my leg… I know Courtney. It’s fine.I don’t mind you pulling my leg… If you follow any other writers, let me know. Tweet me at @morgangmac  ( https://twitter.com/morgangmac ). I’m trying to make a list of all the Periscope writers, because it’s really hard for us to find each other. Then YOU guys – I mean I don’t know if all of you are writers, or if you are also Scoping, or what – but if you do Periscopes about anything related to writing, or you are a writer who also Periscopes, we’re trying to use this hashtag : #periscopewriters ( https://twitter.com/search?vertical=default&q=%23periscopewriters&src=typd ) so that we can find each other more easily, because there’s just no real community connection here on Periscope. So we’re trying to figure out how to use this hashtag so that we can find each other more easily.


Dave Lee ( https://twitter.com/thisisdavelee ) : #periscopewriters


Morgan MacDonald : … Thank you Dave. #Periscopewriters, that’s right….Then I’m also getting a Twitter list together so that you can check that Twitter list to see who has been Scoping, and at least catch the replays. Yeah. So at @morgangmac ( https://twitter.com/morgangmac ) I have a public Twitter list over there called #periscopewriters ( https://twitter.com/morgangmac/lists/periscopewriters ) . We’re trying to get this COMMUNITY together. Anybody else have any writers that you follow? Anybody? Yáll let me know.


We also have a fun week ahead of us. We’re going to be talking about traditional publishing versus self-publishing tomorrow. We’re going to be talking about why you should be… Hey Kay-Zee’s on! You just did a Scope. I’m very proud of you. I hope that you do another one tomorrow [laughter]. I’m going to be on you now. I’m going to be Tweeting you, [like], “KayZee, where’s your next Scope?” But good job…. We’re going to be talking about how, if you are a writer you should also be considering yourself as a BUSINESS owner, because your books are a product that you sell. So we’re going to be talking more about that. We’ll also be talking about how to create a SAMPLE of your book to boost your book sales. There’s another one, [but] I’m not sure yet. Anyway, the point is we have a very fun-filled week ahead.


If you are not already following, hit the “Peri-Buddy” down there, and hit “follow” [to] change that plus to a check, [which] means you’ll get notifications when I’m Scoping. It will be a good week. Alrighty guys. You know the drill : http://www.paperravenbooks.com/periscope . Catch those notes with those handles for you to follow, and we’ll get our writer community together so that we can all write in our separate rooms connected by our video cameras.


Kay-Zee ( https://twitter.com/kenzelsfire ) : Very different experience on laptop than phone.


Morgan MacDonald : … “Very different experience on laptop than the phone.”.. Is this your first time on the phone? You’re here in the room, because you’re commenting. Yes. This is something that I usually check, because there’s usually a lot more – See, there are four live viewers on the web. For you four live viewers on the web, get on your phone. It’s awesome! Just go to https://www.periscope.tv  , download the app,     


Kay-Zee ( https://twitter.com/kenzelsfire ) : No, just watching you on [the] computer first.


Morgan MacDonald : …”Just watching on the computer first.” Yeah, but the app is so much more fun, isn’t it? [It’s] so much more interactive, like you are literally in the room. So for you four people who are on the web – I see you [laughter] – go to https://www.periscope.tv , download the app, and then follow from the app, because [then] you can comment, give hearts, [and] it’s easier to be interactive in the Periscope world. So [it’s] definitely worth it.


BlueSparkCol ( https://twitter.com/CourtneyOLIN ) : Or from the Android play store.


Morgan MacDonald : “Or from the Android play store.”… That’s right. I couldn’t find it. When I went to search in the Apple app store I typed in “Periscope” and it pulled up something that is not free.


BlueSparkCol ( https://twitter.com/CourtneyOLIN ) : Or the Apple equivalent.


Morgan MacDonald : … Yeah. Exactly. With the Apple equivalent…. So I think the best way to go is https://www.periscope.tv , and then it gives you the option. You can either download it from the app store, or the Android store.  So yáll should do that.


Okay, everyone. That’s it for today. Go find some writing inspiration and do some writing. Right now. You’ve got a few more minutes on your lunch break, so go do some writing.


Kay-Zee ( https://twitter.com/kenzelsfire ) :  Huge difference, but I like [the] closeup on the laptop. [It’s] more real life.


Morgan MacDonald : … You like closeup on a laptop. More real life… Oh interesting. You like to explode out face so that it’s big. That’s intimidating. Or you could do like an iPad. I don’t know. I have so many tools. I have way too many tools; way too many gadgets, [that] distract me from my writing.


Okay. I have been distracted all morning. I’m going to go do some writing now. Monday is my content creation writing day, so I’ve got to go do that. All right guys. Thank you for hanging out, and I will see you all tomorrow. Bye…Thanks for the hearts… Bye.




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