September 4

The Secrets Behind Writing a Bestseller

Discover the strategies of accomplished authors through insights shared by Morgan in this article featured in Exeleon Magazine.

Drawing from her extensive knowledge and collaborative work with numerous authors, Morgan Gist MacDonald reveals proven tactics essential for crafting a bestseller. Her journey from sociology scholar to prolific author and publisher of over 100 books has equipped her to revolutionize the self-publishing landscape.

She highlights the importance of tailoring your book to the readers' search patterns, discusses how you can effectively position your book in front of the right audience, the importance of crafting a customer journey, and the significance of structuring your book cohesively.

In terms of the industry's future, Morgan dives into her thoughts on the future of the industry, and envisions a shift towards direct-to-consumer sales but also believes that while digital options expand, physical bookstores will continue to hold their allure, offering unique browsing experiences.

Emerging technologies like NFTs and Web 3.0 present intriguing possibilities for the industry, enabling peer-to-peer exchanges and new formats of literature. In this dynamic landscape, Morgan is enthusiastic about the prospects for authors, readers, publishers, and bookstores alike.

Read the full article on Exeleon’s website, or check out Exeleon’s eMagazine.


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