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Want to join our team?

Paper Raven Books is completely changing the world of books, and our small but mighty team continues to grow steadily, as we support more authors who are successfully writing, publishing, and marketing their books.

If you’re interested in talking with us about an open position, you’re in the right place.

What is it like to work with the Paper Raven Books Team? 

  • We are a small, distributed team, which means that we are all working remotely across time zones, communicating through Slack, Zoom, and a web app called Basecamp.
  • We have 4 core team members who are engaged in all projects and 11 consistent freelancers, who all work together consistently on multiple projects. We cultivate a high-trust, casual team workflow.
  • We do our best to provide clear requests for each other on what we need for a given project and by when, and then we go our separate ways to get the work done. No micromanaging or unnecessary meetings here!
  • We love supporting each other in coming up with new ideas, growing in new skill sets, creating streamlined processes, serving our authors at the highest level, and producing incredible books.

What type of person is a good fit for our team? 

  • Love to learn. Maybe you don’t know everything about books or publishing right now, but you’re eager to learn more. We will train you as best we can on all of our best practices, and you might find yourself figuring a few things out on your own, here and there.
  • Manage your own workflow. We are a dispersed team. There is no office. We work from home or wherever, as long as we keep up with our tasks.
  • Consistently meet deadlines. We work with authors who are launching books. There are real deadlines, and it’ll be up to you to hit your deadlines. If you miss deadlines, we will part ways, immediately.
  • Can be kind even when irritated. The truth is that we are serving clients during a stressful time in their lives—launching a book! Even when a client gets snippy, we are always kind in our conversations with them and with each other.
  • Respond well to feedback. We’re super encouraging, but if we need you to adjust the style or tone or work process, just know that it’s not personal, it’s just about finding the right support for our clients and our team.
  • Have a good sense of humor. We love sending each other gifs and cracking up at writers’ memes on Facebook. We want that light-heartedness to come through in all of our communication and content, too.
  • Want to grow with a team. When we find someone who works well with our team, we want to bring you in deeper for more projects and a variety of projects. We want to learn your strengths and interests and help your full potential to emerge in all of the work you do.

What’s required to work with our team?

  • You must have access to your own laptop and stable Internet.

If you’ve made it this far, then maybe you’re a good fit for our workflow and culture! Here are our current open positions:

OPEN POSITION: Fiction Curriculum Developer 

We’re looking for an individual who can develop a curriculum around the craft of fiction writing. Imagine walking into a classroom of first-year MFA students who are eager to learn from you about how to write a compelling novel. Would you be comfortable creating a syllabus for a class like this? In our perspective, some core components to a curriculum like this might include writing:

  • Compelling plotlines
  • Character backstories
  • Dialogue
  • Scenes
  • Point of View
  • Verb tense (especially when conveying flashbacks)
  • Best practices for self-editing

And, honestly, we’re very open to your expertise in this area, too!

The reality of our situation is that we have tens of thousands of eager writers in our communities. We work with dozens of authors every year. And we even have some editors who have typically worked in nonfiction and would like to learn how to edit fiction.

We want to find someone who already has years or decades of experience in teaching the craft of fiction writing and would like to continue being a teacher, mentor, and resource.

This position is ideal for you if:

  • You have taught or mentored other writers in the craft of fiction writing.
  • You have developed a curriculum or methods to explain and provide examples of what works well in fiction writing.
  • Your curriculum or methods are not someone else’s IP (for instance, already published or licensed elsewhere).
  • You prefer teaching and mentoring to actually doing the editing, itself.
  • You feel comfortable working with new writers, experienced writers, and editors.
  • You have written your own fiction, even if it hasn’t been published, yet.

In this role, you will:

  • Design a 6-to-12-week curriculum, using your own IP (citing others’ work is fine, but the bulk of the explanations and examples must be original).
  • Coordinate with our in-house team to design slides and handouts for the curriculum.
  • Record a series of videos to walk through your slides, handouts, explanations, and examples. If you would like this to be a live class, we can arrange that, so that you’re in a Zoom room with real writers, interacting. If you would prefer to pre-record, we can arrange that, too.
  • Host Q&A sessions with a small group of writers who are going through the curriculum with you in real-time.

The above tasks would be a single project fee that we decide upon together.

And we do want to be very clear that, yes, we are more than happy to pay for your time in developing this curriculum, and we would brand this as a Paper Raven Books curriculum.

We will give you all the files, when you finish developing the curriculum, and you will be able to use this course in any way you’d like. Heck, you could sell it on your own website or teach it at a local college or present it at writers’ conferences—we don’t mind a bit!

And Paper Raven Books would retain the legal right to teach, sell, and distribute this curriculum in any way we would like.

We see this as a win-win precisely because we can help you turn your expertise into a curriculum that you’ll be able to use yourself for the future, and, yes, we would retain our own rights to the content, too.

For ongoing work with our team, ideally, we would love to work so well together that we could extend the invitation for you to remain on a monthly retainer with our team to serve as an ongoing resource for our community of writers and editors. We’ll talk more about what that ongoing teacher and mentor role will look like, as we begin working together.


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OPEN POSITION: Freelance Editor

We are often looking for good-fit freelance editors. We have a range of types of editing we do:

  • Manuscript reviews with high-level feedback
  • Developmental editing—sometimes called structural editing.
  • Copyediting—sometimes called line editing. We do heavy copyedits.
  • Proofreading, which includes the final proof of the PDF.

Our books are typically nonfiction, fiction, or memoir.

If we are looking for a new editor for our team, we’ll reach out and offer to start you on a couple of projects, where your work is reviewed by another editor on the team. We also ask our authors for feedback on their experience with you as an editor. If you receive good comments from the editorial team and the author, we’ll talk about moving you onto more projects.

This would be freelance, so you’d be able to take on the projects you want to work on and decline the projects you don’t want to work on. The more our team and our authors enjoy working with you, the more projects you’ll be offered. :)


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