February 11

How and When to Get Support on Your Author Journey

    Are You Getting Support on Your Author Journey?

    Do you have a hard time asking for help?

    What about sharing your goals and progress with others, especially those that are on a similar path?

    As a fellow author who is in the middle of writing a very personal book, I know how easy it can be to isolate yourself, and how hard it can be to say “I don’t know where to go next!”

    If you’ve ever exercised by yourself, then you know how hard it can be to stay motivated or even to know what’s best for you to focus on. 

    By contrast, if you go to an exercise class, having a trained, experienced professional guiding you along makes it much easier to show up, do your best, and feel that you took a step in the right direction.

    It’s the same for writing and publishing your book.

    Help and support can come in many forms: free and paid, groups and courses, communities and coaching … the options are endless.

    Here at Paper Raven Books, we like to think of ourselves as a supportive source for your author journey.

    In the past, we’ve helped by sharing info about why you need multiple editors for your book, how to identify your ideal reader (so you can sell more books with less effort), and what to do if you’re stuck in the editing phase and stalling on launching your book.

    We’ve covered some bold subjects too, like how writer’s block doesn’t exist, the #1 “trick” to improving your writing, and the most valuable skill for any writer to have.

    From the 5 vital pieces to prepare for your book launch to the unexpected demons of writing, there’s no topic related to writing and publishing that we won’t talk about!

    When to Get Support on Your Author Journey

    Have you ever put something off and regretted it later?

    My mom once had a strange pain in her tooth that she ignored for months. When she finally went to the dentist, she found out she had to have a root canal – but it could have been a simple (and much cheaper!) filling if she had gone when the pain first started.

    Whether you’re in the writing and editing phase, the publishing phase, or the marketing phase of your author journey, there’s never a wrong time to get support.

    Yes, of course, at Paper Raven Books, we have lots of paid ways to help you, but we’ve got free ones too, like the blog post you’re currently reading. 

    Also, we do regular Facebook live videos about these posts to expand on the content and answer YOUR questions.

    Recently, I joined a coaching and mentoring program that is costing me more than I’ve ever spent for support in my business. 

    It was VERY scary to take out my card and give them the number, but oddly enough, it was also very easy.


    Because I knew I had hit a wall. As both an author and an entrepreneur, there is only so much I’ve been able to accomplish on my own. I needed people more experienced than me to show me what else is possible. 

    I needed accountability, insight, and most importantly, a community of other entrepreneurs that were as dedicated to their business as I am to mine.

    As the saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

    How to Get Support on Your Author Journey

    This may seem like the most obvious thing, but it’s an easy place to get stuck.

    So you know you need support. 

    Maybe you need to hire a coach, or an editor, or a book cover designer. 

    Maybe you need someone to help you set-up a book funnel to make more money and get more people reading + sharing your book. 

    Or maybe you need to find a community of fellow writers and authors that can help answer your questions and support you when things get tough (and they always get tough!).

    The key is that you’ve decided that you want to go far with your book, and you need support.


    This is a huge step, but don’t get stuck on the next step: HOW to get support.

    You know you need it, but where do you go? How do you find it? How do you know it’s the right fit for you?

    I’ve got the secret way to find the right support for you. Ready for it?


    Not sure where to even start

    You could ask for the recommendation of a book editor who you could have an “idea call” with so you can clarify your book concept and begin writing.

    You could ask for the recommendation of an editor to review 5 pages of your writing sample.

    Ask for the recommendation of an editor to review the first 50 pages of your manuscript.

    Or you could ask for the recommendation of a graphic designer to help you produce concept ideas for the cover of your book.

    The short answer: ASK.

    Yes, all you have to do is ask. Send an email. Write a social media post. Get on a call. Reach out and ask questions. Talk to others in the same community or that have used the same services. 

    If the fellow writers and authors you talk to don’t hesitate to recommend a particular course, person, or community, go for it. Personal recommendations are the best place to start when finding the right support for you.

    But don’t stop there. Take action. Make the next move. 

    Get on a discovery call. Buy that course and set aside time on your calendar to work on it consistently. 

    Get the accountability and knowledge you need to be the author you’ve always wanted to be.

    At Paper Raven Books, we’re always here to support you because we’re authors too.

    Bio: Victoria Klein is a two-time published author (currently writing her 3rd book) and the VP of Production for Paper Raven Books. Formerly PRB’s first-ever Book Project Manager, Victoria has helped numerous authors through the self-publishing process from start to finish. Through her monthly posts, she’ll reveal the biggest concerns and mistakes of self-publishing authors, and how to solve them.


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