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The Starter Publishing Package is for the author who wants to self-publish but is also looking for in-depth copyediting and guidance on how to put together a successful book launch.

What this means is you can feel confident that your book has been professionally edited and that your book launch is optimizing all of the best strategies out there for promotion.

In our Starter Publishing Package, our team manages in-depth copyediting, proofreading, custom cover design, custom interior design, the metadata to make sure your book is easily found, and publishing your book as an ebook, paperback, and hardback so that anyone in the world can buy your book from the global marketplaces.

We also help to create a custom book launch strategy that will help your book land Amazon #1s in your book’s most relevant categories, gather reviews for your book, and spread your book’s visibility across all your platforms.

PLUS, we manage a week-long promotion of your book launch, leveraging our promotional partners, our own Paper Raven Books platform, and independent book reviewers—all with the collective goal of maximizing your book’s visibility in the Amazon bookstore.

It’s everything you need in a high-quality published book that optimizes the Amazon bookstore for visibility during launch week and ongoing book sales.

Investment: depends on word count, with flat-fee packages ranging from $10,000-$15,000 USD. Packages require a $2,500 USD deposit, with the remainder being paid in monthly installments, with the last payment occurring during the month of your book launch.

Timeline: 12 to 14 weeks, depending on available launch dates.

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Still Unsure? See What Our Best-Selling Authors Say!

I needed help to take my first draft through all the steps of publishing. With Paper Raven Books, having the whole team working together, in-house, and project-managed was so helpful. There was constant communication between all of us, and they taught me about marketing my book, not just making a book. PRB made the process easy, and they really took the time to know me as a person. It feels so good to be a published author, and I plan to work with PRB on future books! – Libby Parker


I had an idea but didn’t know how to make it a book. Working with Paper Raven Books, I liked the positive energy and having all of the moving parts taken care of: finding an editor, getting a cover designed, having the book formatted, getting the book loaded into the right places for selling, having people keeping this all on track. I love the book and am really pleased with the outcome. It was a great experience and I had an excellent team backing me up and helping me know what to do. – Connie Sirois