April 24

Someone who is busier than you


I'll admit it: I am a recovering Pinterest-aholic. When I first joined, I would easily spend two hours, pinning home decorations and inspirational quotes. I haven't succumbed to Pinterest in several months (minus the very rigid 30 minutes I looked for party inspiration, but that's it, I swear).

In my early days, I pinned the above quotation, “Someone who is busier than you is running right now.” This quote lodged itself into my brain and has inspired several new habits for me. Not running, sadly. I have a few priorities, and writing is one of them. When I think I'm just too busy, or I'll do it later, tomorrow, this weekend, I mentally pull up this quote and say out loud to myself, “Someone who is busier than you is writing right now.”

I often think of Toni Morrison, who said, “Writing before dawn began as a necessity–I had small children when I first began to write and I needed to use the time before they said, Mama–and that was always around five in the morning.”

If writing is a priority, you will find a way to get it done. Yes, you are busy, very busy, unbelievably busy. Yet, someone who is busier than you is writing right now.

No more planning or procrastinating or pretending to be “mentally working out the kinks.” Close all broswers and tabs. Either go to bed and set the alarm(s) to get up early to write, or you could start now.

Happy writing!


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