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Revamp & Relaunch


Oh gosh, we hear this story more often than we want to:

  • “… I published with _________ self-publishing services, and they did nothing for my launch.”
  • “… I listened to this podcast about how easy self-publishing would be, so I launched a book (or two or three!), and I’m just not getting sales or reviews the way they’d promised.”
  • “… I published with another company that has now put my book out of print or (for whatever reason) has just basically abandoned my book.”

If you have the legal rights to your book, we can help.

We can completely revamp your book’s title and subtitle, metadata, cover design, and interior design, and we can put together an Amazon-optimized launch that truly sets your book up for success, this time.

Admittedly, the process is perhaps more involved than meets the eye.

We find that a major reason books don’t sell is because they don’t have the most effective metadata embedded—that’s keywords and categories that make your book easy to find on Amazon.

So, we begin by evaluating and researching the optimal title, subtitle, and metadata for your book.

Then, we create a new custom cover that is professionally designed to make your book stand out and get the right attention when your potential reader is scrolling or browsing.

And, yes, we take the design elements of that custom cover and we bring them into the interior design, so that when the reader is experiencing the pages of your book, it feels professional and polished. Admittedly, this interior book design process is actually more tricky than many realize.

We typically need to take your print file (usually in the form of a PDF), convert it into a Word Doc format, then proofread it, then redesign it into a new print file that incorporates the new, custom design.

We then create ebook, paperback, and hardback versions of your book.

Because that’s what professional authors do.

And, finally, we plan a 5-day Amazon launch to get your book the visibility, reach, and reviews that you’ve been looking for, all along.

This is the streamlined version of our best publishing practices, packaged for you to get a second chance at publishing your book and seeing all the work and sweat you’ve already put into the book come to fruition as a true publishing success.

Investment: $7,500, which splits into four payments of $1,500 deposit, with the last payment occurring during the month of your book’s re-launch date.

Timeline: 10 to 12 weeks, depending on available launch dates.

Click here for a PDF side-by-side package comparison.
(The deliverables are equivalent to the Essential Publishing Package.)

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