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help along the way?

If you're already a client or customer, you may be looking for guidance on how to access the project or program you're doing with our team. (Click here for help.)

If you're new here, we'd like to share with you that at Paper Raven Books, our mission is to change the book world by bringing together authors, publishing professionals, readers to create, discover, and share truly great books.

We offer free resources around all three of these areas.

For authors, we host a private author community, where you can get suggestions and questions answered around writing, publishing, and marketing books. Click here to check out our Author Coffee Lounge and explore our community of writers and authors.

For publishing professionals, we have partnered with the Professional Book Editors Association to offer free and credentialed training in the areas of book coaching, manuscript reviews, developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading, as well as ongoing technical tutorials on best practices for Microsoft Word and working with formatters through the production process. Click here to check out the Professional Book Editors Association.

For readers, we offer an opportunity to join our Book Review Team, where you can get free Advance Review Copies of books in exchange for being willing to offer honest feedback. It's the best way to discover new and upcoming authors, get books for free, and connect with other avid readers. Click here to see how you could join our Book Review Team.

We hope one or all of these resources helps you along your way!