How the most successful independently published authors are leveraging organic, sponsored, and paid promotion to increase their book's reviews, sales, and rankings, day-in-and-day-out, effortlessly

Introducing, exclusively for Paper Raven Books' authors,

The Platinum Book Marketing Program

Our collective goal is to boost your book sales, gather 5-Star reviews, and exponentially grow your readership. At a high level, here’s what we will accomplish together over a program:

  1. 1
    Boost Your Book Sales: We optimize your book's visibility on the Amazon bookstore platform through organic promotions and ongoing paid traffic (Amazon ads).
  2. 2
    Gather 5-star Reviews: We update your book's "list-building mechanism," send out to book review teams, and organize a strategic reach out for endorsements from influencers in your space.
  3. 3
    Grow Your Readerships: We research, schedule, and organize a Podcast Tour of six interviews with audiences of thousands of your ideal readers.

Boost Your Book Sales

Amazon gives us free advertising, so long as we continue to “feed” the algorithm with what it loves most: downloads, ranks, and reviews—over and over again.

  • We’ll refresh your book's metadata to make sure it's optimized for the most up-to-date organic search traffic on Amazon,

  • We’ll set up FOUR different five-day promotions, one for each quarter in a 12-month timeframe, flexible to your preferred timing,

  • We’ll drive traffic to your books’ promotion from our platform and the platform of the largest book promotion sites available currently.

We’ll also set up Amazon ads inside of your KDP account, using what we’ve learned from the targeted keywords that have already been working to get your book initial visibility. Our goal is to exponentially increase your book’s visibility with these Amazon ads. 

(Please note that Amazon ads will require an “ad spend,” a budget that you set with our team, on top of what you pay us to set up the ads for you. The good news is that you can start with $30 per month, you’re fully in control of the ad spend budget, and we will only request an increase if we see that you’re making more money in book sales than the current ad spend budget. This is how the pros do it!)

  • We’ll handle all of the initial ads set up inside of your KDP account, so that you maintain full control over your book’s Amazon Ads, 

  • We monitor and optimize the Amazon ads weekly, making adjustments according to what ad parameters are driving sales and which aren’t.

  • We provide monthly reports of Amazon ads data and welcome your input and preferences.

Our long-term goal is to get the ads dialed in so that you’re consistently making more money in book sales than you’re spending on Amazon Ads. The value of the custom, done-for-you service is $5,000.

Leverage Reviews for Social Proof

Recognizing that getting reviews is one of the most difficult pieces of long-term book marketing, we have several tactics that we can help you put into place over the course of our working together:

  • We send your book out to our internal Book Review Ream for additional reviews. 

  • We help you organize an endorsement reach-out to influencers in your space. This process involves brainstorming a list of influencers, finding addresses, crafting a hand-written letter, and mailing a package that’ll get the attention of even the busiest professional.

  • We dial in your “list-building mechanism” to make sure that people who are buying the book are providing their email address in exchange for the freebie, getting the freebie via email, and receiving a compelling email sequence that sets up the rhythm of reviews on autopilot for your book.

By combining individualized reach-outs with an automated review funnel, we’re creating a process that will give your book a bump in reviews and a plan for reviews to continue coming in, week-in-and-week-out, automatically. The value of this review system is another $5,000.

Engagement with Reader Communities

Our team will research, pitch, schedule, and prep you for a full “Podcast Tour,” which focuses on setting up six podcast interviews in a relatively short timeframe, coordinated to get you and your book in front of thousands of new readers quickly and easily. Our team will:

  • Create or refresh your author Press Kit to provide your host with “cliff notes” of the best topics to discuss and questions to ask, so your interview naturally segues into your book,
  • Identify which types of podcasts will be most aligned with your book’s genre,
  • Research, pitch, and schedule five (5) podcast interviews,
  • Give you preparation notes to make sure you feel good about your audio set up, your answers to questions, and banter with the podcast host,
  • Best practices on how to use these new connections to expand your network and cultivate long-term, win-win relationships with the podcast hosts you’ll be meeting along the way.

The best part is that we have direct access to an entire network of the best podcasts available. If you were an individual, seeking access to this exclusive network, the rates would start at $10,000—not including the press kit, prep, etc. Because we have negotiated rates, we’re able to make this available to you, as part of this program that’s only for our authors. The value of this podcast tour package is $12,000.

PLUS, to make this a total no-brainer for you, I’m offering a few special BONUSES, just for you.

BONUS #1: Exclusive Feature of your book to our Pop-Up Book Club readers.  We’re cultivating a private book club, and we’ll select your book as one of the highlighted conversations. You’ll have a chance to meet your book’s readers, have a real-time virtual conversation with them, and PRB can follow up to request reviews after the conversation. 
(Value $2,500)

BONUS #2: Custom Book Awards Strategy.  How do you know which awards are even worth pursuing? We provide you with our internal team’s current, up-to-date list of book awards, and we highlight the exact contests that we believe would be ideal for your book. We’ll help you strategize and craft your applications to make winning an award (or at least getting a fantastic professional review!) as easy as possible. (Value $1,000)

BONUS #3: Deep Dive Strategy Calls.  You have quarterly one-on-one calls with our marketing team to go deep into what’s working, what’s not, and what’s important for you to focus on in growing your platform and building your business. Want to talk about email lists or social media or the back-end of your business? You get my focused strategy every single quarter, and in 90 minutes, you’ll walk away with a clear, executable plan of your exact next best pieces to put into place. (Value $5,000)

What's the cost?

All together, the value of everything that we’re pulling together to make sure your year of book marketing is successful is over $30,000. For you, though, we have a super special deal.

We can do all of this for $950/month for 12 months, or you can save by paying in full $9,500.

Now, you might be wondering, “Is there a catch?”

The only catch is this: If you go to our recently published books page on our website, you’ll see right away that we’ve published nearly 100 books. And we can’t do this high-touch, custom marketing service for 100 people.

You’re getting this first, and we only have a handful of spots available, right now. After this, we’ll tell people they need to wait a year or longer for spots to open up.

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