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Professional Publishing


The Professional Publishing Package is for the author who wants to self-publish but is also looking for the most comprehensive editing available and an all-star team to implement and manage a successful book launch that optimizes online promotion for maximum visibility in your industry.

What this means is you are giving your book the best possible success path, letting a professional team manage all of the project details for you, while keeping the integrity of your message, your mission, and your brand fully in your control.

In our Professional Publishing Package, we begin with the heart of your book: the words. You work with a seasoned developmental editor to fine-tune the broad structure of your book. Through a series of revisions, you and your developmental editor will create a tight, logical flow of your book, which is the key to a compelling book that’ll leave the reader reaching the end of your book and thinking, “Wow! That was an incredible book.”

We then move into copyediting, which looks closely at every sentence. We want your voice and style to stand out and be consistent, from introduction to conclusion. We examine each sentence for clarity, consistency, and flow within the broader context.

After your book has been thoroughly refined, your proofreader examines every word and punctuation mark. We create a style sheet, especially for your book, so that all of the capitalizations, abbreviations, and spellings are perfectly consistent throughout your book. And, of course, we’re catching every grammar error and typo along the way.

Your book’s message becomes visual with a custom cover design and a custom interior design, which includes any custom illustrations, graphs, figures, or design elements that you envision in your mind’s eye.

To make sure your book will be easily found through search, we research the metadata to guide our suggestions for the keywords, categories, title, subtitle, back-of-the-book copy, and description that will skyrocket your book to the top of the Amazon bookstore. When your book is published as an ebook, paperback, and hardback, anyone in the world will be able to buy your book from the global marketplaces.

We also establish your relationship with a reliable, high-quality traditional printer, who will be able to source as many paperbacks and hardbacks as you need for speaking, live events, online funnels, or any other situation where you envision having hundreds or thousands of copies of your book, at the ready.

In preparation for your epic book launch, you work with our publicist to create a custom book launch strategy that will help your book land Amazon #1s in your book’s most relevant categories, gather reviews for your book, and spread your book’s visibility across all your platforms. Our publicist sets you up for a podcast tour that will get your message and new book in front of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of new potential readers.

PLUS, we manage a week-long promotion of your book launch, leveraging our promotional partners, our own Paper Raven Books platform, and independent book reviewers—all with the collective goal of maximizing your book’s visibility in the Amazon bookstore.

This is the ultimate experience in self-publishing a powerful book that sets you up for exponential growth.

Investment: depends on word count, with flat-fee packages ranging from $20,000-$25,000 USD. Packages require a $5,000 USD deposit, with the remainder being paid in monthly installments, with the last payment occurring during the month of your book launch.

Timeline: 20 to 22 weeks, depending on available launch dates.

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I am completely grateful to Paper Raven Books for both the book being done and the seamless way it was put up on Amazon and the promotional expertise that went into it. I liked the way each team member had their knowledge and skill in the various parts of the process. The interaction with each person made all the difference. The professional work, attention to detail, and not only allowing but encouraging the author to be IN the process is so important. Of course, having it launched with such a powerful presence of the team and then actually owning 100% of the book at the end is incredible. This is the only way I would ever publish a book! – Julie Carrick