For several years, I felt the urge to write and a need to inspire others by sharing my story, but I had no direction (or story line) to start from. Now, I have a published book, and I'm building a career as a speaker.

Morgan introduced me to Scrivener, Evernote, and other ways to capture and preserve my writing electronically. This was a HUGE block for me before I really started writing. She walked me through how to write a lot more than I used to, and in a much more structured productive way.

Morgan is organized and has a great way of encouraging the creativity in a structured way that doesn't stifle the process. I would absolutely recommend Morgan to others who are struggling in their writing. I’m an engineer, and I know there are “nerdy engineer” types like me who secretly want to show their creative side but don't know how to get it out in writing form. Just contact Morgan.

Tracy Borgmeyer
Author of She Loves Science: Mother Guide to Cultivating The Curiosity, Confidence, Creativity of Her Daughter


When I first contacted Morgan, I had no idea where to begin or how to organize all of my thoughts, but she has helped me with everything—clarity of the writing, editing processes, publishing, list-building, and an amazing friendship!

Morgan helped me maintain motivation “in the middle.” After the initial excitement wore off, it was hard to keep momentum. But she did a great job of recognizing that not making me feel guilty. Also, the revising/editing was hard because I felt like I had looked at the same words so many times that they didn't make sense anymore. But again, she jumped right in and guided me.

Thank you, Morgan! Your encouragement, honest feedback and incredible knowledge were the keys to helping me fulfill this life dream. You've changed my life, and I am forever grateful. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

KarenFurrHeadshotKaren Furr
Advocate for Childhood Cancer Awareness and Speaker
Author of Achors for Hope: Trusting God's Security Through the Storm of Childhood Cancer


When I contact Morgan with the first draft of my book, everything felt like such a big mess! I'd been working on the book for ages, writing bits here and there, and it all ended up feeling messy and overwhelming and as a result I felt completely lost with it all.

I loved your encouragement. You were always cheering me on and that had such a big impact on me. I loved that you took my document and helped me to organise everything better and improve parts of it, so it all made more sense – having your perspective on it all was so helpful. I loved hearing your feedback and suggestions – things I would never have thought about by myself. Working with you just felt so easy and uplifting.

Now, I have finished the draft! Woohoo! Morgan, you've helped me so much to get out of the mess and see it all clearly. I wish I'd reached out to you sooner! You're amazing, thank you for what you do :)

86926d5320b3-SmallCarrie Green
Founder, Female Entrepreneur Association
Author of She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas Into Reality And Become A Wildly Successful Entrepreneur, slated for release in February 2017 (Hay House)


I originally contacted one of those ebook ghostwriters to do the editing, etc. To my disappointment, I wasn't getting what I thought was professional editing. It was frustrating because I didn't know who was proofreading this on the other end. I was so happy I found Morgan, and she put me at ease explaining the whole process her team would implement for me and on a regimented schedule. This was all new to me and I looked at it like I only have one shot to make an impression so I knew I needed a pro team.

Paper Raven Book’s feedback and changes were awesome and very prompt with any changes that needed to be made. Everyone is very professional and very interested in the success of the author. I can honestly say everything went smoothly. The timetable that I was told in the beginning was exact in the completion process. I would recommend Morgan to everyone because editing, proofreading, and formatting is something nobody else would know about.

I'm just happy I found Morgan. I feel confident that I'm releasing a book that has been given the thumbs up and I look forward to its success.

Dr. Jerry Iavarone
Chiropractor and Pioneer of Drug Free ADHD Treatment
Author of Overcoming ADHD: Helping Children Improve Focus and Attention Without Prescription Drugs


The biggest challenge I was experiencing was getting organized and staying focused on writing. Since working with Morgan, I've been able to find a cohesive theme for my book, got organized and focused on my topic, and completed the first draft of my book!

I really appreciate Morgan's ability reign me back in when I start spiraling out of control in terms of anxiety, procrastination, and overwhelm. She's amazingly experienced at directing your process, helping you brainstorm and get concise with your words, and keeping you on track with your whole writing process.

Morgan, you are a rockstar! Thank you so much for your encouragement and for believing in me and my book!

Mercedes Samudio
Parent Coach
Author of Shame-Proof Parenting (coming soon)


The biggest problem I was facing with my writing project when I contacted you was figuring out how to write a mammoth personal project. I needed an objective, professional opinion and guidance in the mapping out of that story and I needed help, literally, in finding my voice and in writing. I needed professional feedback that was caring, engaged and truly top-notch.

Indeed, I found that with you, and sensed when I contacted you that you would be both a mentor and friendly reader/guide in this process. By the end of our 3 months together, I had penned 220 pages and was consistently writing over 1500 words a day. More importantly, I managed to figure out through this coaching process that the dips are okay and the practice is in keeping a balanced view of this., and you gave me permission to write the way I write!

Morgan, I loved working with you. You are (get ready for the string of adjectives!) caring, intelligent, insightful, an excellent listener, funny, probing, open-minded, wise, discerning, compassionate, and motivating. You have an ability to pull out strands of ideas and important themes in both personal process and difficulties as well as the writing, professional and real. Your work holds that profound power to EMPOWER others – because we are finding our voice and our way through the stuff of life with you.

I look forward to a future of writing, thanks to you, Morgan. You've reminded me of the fact that there are amazing people on this planet out there and when we open up to what the life has to offer, all manner of support can come to us. How amazing.

Lorelei Loveridge
Teacher, Writer, Entrepreneur
Author of Desert Feet (coming soon)


I was new to the publishing world and knew absolutely nothing about writing a book. Working with Paper Raven Books was such an educational experience, and I now have a published book :) Morgan was so wonderful with hand-holding and I was never afraid to ask questions. You guys really are a great one-stop shop!

Shannon Benish
Financial Advisor and parent to a courageous child cancer survivor
Author of How To Help Someone with Cancer: 70 Ways To Help Cancer Patients and Their Families During Treatment


When I approached Morgan, I needed feedback, encouragement, organization, and structure. Morgan was very professional and prompt with her replies. I felt comfortable talking with her about my writing struggles. She helped me bring my vision into focus. Morgan gave me great information about how to effectively market and promote my book. Her feedback and encouragement gave me the strength to make my dream a reality. I will always be grateful for her help. I would definitely recommend Paper Raven Books to anyone who has a first draft that needs shaping. Morgan and her team truly care about you and your project. They made the editing process go very smoothly.

JuliKnoseHeadshotJulie Knose
Cancer Survivor and Art Therapy teacher
Author of Are You Ready to Put All That Cancer Stuff Behind You? Using Art Therapy and Affirmations to Heal and Move Forward


I have a habit judging myself while I'm writing, but when I started working with Morgan, she constantly reminded me to have self-compassion and showed me alternative ways of viewing things. Morgan helped me find a writing rhythm that felt fun and easy, while addressing my limiting beliefs around rewriting. Together, we created strategies to use when writing becomes a struggle.

Morgan has a positive, fun attitude, she's friendly, and she's encouraging. I loved that she believed in me and my writing and that she made the whole experience light and fun—all about exploring and experimenting. She created a judgement-free environment to explore writing. I would absolutely recommend to writers who struggle with self-doubt or limiting beliefs that make writing feel like hard work!

VictoriaDixonHeadshotVictoria Dixon
Debut novel coming soon


My book is in so much better shape now than when I first started. Paper Raven Books is an international team of dedicated professionals, and Morgan is kick arse at interfacing and keeping an author motivated to the end. She really cares, and it shows! We became friends through the course of the project. It helped my morale in finalizing the book to not have the final result (the BOOK) fall squarely on my shoulders but to have a team help me finish it all up.

I would definitely recommend Paper Raven Books to authors who are looking to get published for the first time, or the second time, or the nth time. She definitely makes the process much easier and less stressing. Morgan and her team really care about making your book the best it can be!

b029fd7e20d0-2013_HeadshotIslin Munisteri
Engineer, Nonprofit Leader, & Author
Author of You are Enough: A Manifesto for the Overworked and Overwhelemed


Morgan has a unique knack to ask the right questions to inspire and encourage—and, before realizing it, I felt it possible to begin to write more and more. We have just finished a book together, and I am now thinking of 2-3 more to shortly follow! Morgan is so easy to work with, available and responsive, turns my ratty little notes into something that can be turned into a book. She inspires in a way that feels real. She's amazing!

TansyBriggs HeadshotTansy Briggs, DOM, LOM
Author of The Secret to a Healthy Digestion: How Warm and Cold Foods Affect Your Health


The biggest problems I faced with my writing project were trying to incorporate newer and older writings to make the book flow. I struggled with how to convey my “why” to the reader without being too detailed and how to relay how she can rise above her circumstances. I was experiencing discouragement regarding all the above issues. I felt stuck and had lost my momentum.

Morgan gave me complete clarity on all counts! I was feeling discouraged and stuck prior to the call and I left feeling that I CAN complete this book, and that my vision for it CAN be realized! Morgan answered my questions before I even asked them! Morgan simplified the complexity of my issues and gave me hope that this book will happen! She has such a kindness and light manner that makes you feel understood and heard. Morgan lifted my spirits!

Amazing experience! I found the coaching with Morgan to be invaluable. She completely “got me” and helped me in so many ways.

f89b873e6519-SusanSusan Bricker
Blogger and writer


I'm a visionary, and I was having a hard time narrowing my focus. I didn't know where to begin. I was overwhelmed. Morgan has such a gift for encouragement! She spent more time with me than was necessary, which was very gracious and generous. I walked away from our strategy call feeling energized and excited to move forward!

fea6dced96da-welcome_image_circleSarah Gorsuch
Blogger and writer


Morgan helped me to believe I could actually write my book and to focus on it, instead of many other undone matters. She enabled me to see the power in my story to inspire others and provide real hope for getting free from the lies and many failures.

You loved me, Morgan, by giving empathy and real listening, and you have created in me an eagerness to finally finish my book. Thank you!

LindyCombsHeadshotLindy Combs
Blogger and writer


I was having trouble making the switch form commercial writing (mostly training courses) to book writing. I'd been staring at a blank screen for about 6 months. Within an hour of my call with Morgan, I'd completed the introduction and first draft of chapter 1.

9fc031d4009a-Mike1Michael O'Sullivan
Founder, Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers


I had a lot of great ideas and information I wanted to share in my writing, but I needed help presenting it in a clear, concise way. I’ve been working with Morgan for nearly a year, and after she edits and polishes what I’ve written, I feel confident putting it out into the world. She understands what I am trying to say and helps me say it even better. I love it that Morgan has her eye on my reader and how she will receive my message.

I would recommend Morgan's services to anyone who wants to write a book and could use the help of someone who not only has editing and book-writing expertise but who also knows about marketing. Working with Morgan has taught me so much about writing. Morgan is also super nice and fun to work with. I totally trust her with my words.

CarolLeBlancCarol LeBlanc, CPA


My biggest problem was the isolation and uncertainty about the level and clarity of my writing. Morgan was able to understand what I was trying to say, even when it was not very clear. She could translate it into language that flowed much better and illustrate the point clearer. Now, I feel confident that the writing is clear, well organized and ready to be reviewed by my dissertation committee.

Robin Owens PhD
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Mount Saint Mary's College


When I first contacted Morgan, I could not define the message I wanted my writing to convey to my potential clients. Morgan was very attentive and communicative. Working with her was a smooth process, and she's is a delight to work with. Now, I have a website that conveys exactly what I want to say, and I feel like I can finally forget about my website because it’ll serve me well for a long time. I recommend Morgan to anyone who needs a copywriter. Her results speak for themselves.

RubenFernandezRuben Fernandez, CPA


Morgan leaves the paper impeccable – journal and book editors have never asked me to rewrite anything that she has edited. Besides “fixing” the grammar and polishing the text, she helps shape the paper according to the editorial line of the journal. I now feel much more encouraged to submit papers to international journals.

Morgan takes her job seriously, replying to emails quickly and giving feedback on how things are going. I always the sense that she truly cares about my papers, working on them as if they were her own. She has a true passion for what she does, and that makes all the difference.

I always hated revising my papers, but now I don't worry about submitting a paper, and this is really important to me as a young scholar in search of an international career.

132156_1591750715317_1146764_oRaquel Weiss
Professor in the Department of Sociology
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul


I have worked on several projects with Morgan at Paper Raven Editing, and her feedback and guidance has helped to push the quality of my writing to a new level. It can be difficult to trust another person with something as important and personal as a writing project, but Morgan's collaborative approach between editor and writer helped to provide direction and motivation without sacrificing my own voice and ideas.

I can depend on Morgan for honest and constructive feedback and a perceptive eye for both the creative and technical aspects of writing. Morgan has a talent for zooming in to polish the details and zooming out to shape the bigger picture, and her passion for helping authors write with clarity and conviction is evident. I have greatly benefited from her services in the past and look forward to collaborating on many more projects in the future.

DSC_0325 - Version 4Darcy Gist
M.A. Candidate
Peabody School
Vanderbilt University


Before I contacted Morgan, I was having huge problems with inertia and apathy. I had nearly finished writing a book two years ago, and I just sat on it because I couldn't find a clean way to end it. I eventually lost interest. But when I contact Morgan, I was relieved to find out she could help me edit the book and write a great ending.

What I most enjoyed was Morgan's professionalism. Not only did she expertly attend to my needs as an editor, but she thought of things I wouldn't have, and gave me options to address them. I would recommend her to a lot of people I know, especially small business professionals who don't have the time or interest to get their words down on paper.

Feedback JackieJackie Bernardi
Author of Gorgeous Skin After 40: Learn what you should be doing now to get it!


I needed someone to help me connect to the “big” arguments of the manuscript and highlight my research contribution. Morgan helped me take my paper to the next level by strengthening the argument and contribution, linking ideas that were implicit in the paper and yet were crucial to its contributive element, and recognizing the “big” framework.

Morgan was very organized and helped tremendously in improving the general flow of the manuscript, quality of the sentences/word choices, and with the overall polish of the paper. She’s very amiable and supportive, as well as perceptive in understanding a research paper at its formative stage. Her dual training in literature and social sciences was truly beneficial for me. I would certainly recommend her to graduate students and my colleagues in the social sciences.

Feedback SomaSoma Chaudhuri
Assistant Professor
Joint appointment in the Sociology Department
and the School of Criminal Justice
Michigan State University


I had been working on a writing project for months, and things were beginning to blur together. Morgan provided a fresh set of eyes and an unbiased reader of the project, which was quite useful.

She was great with communication and setting expectation. I really liked the iterative approach we took, with Morgan looking at it first, giving some feedback, allowing me to get another draft out the door, and then the final look. Her turnaround time was great.

I would definitely recommend Morgan, and her sociology background is perfect for social scientists.

Feedback Mike Dunn
Michael Dunn
Ph.D. Candidate
Sociology Department
UNC Chapel Hill


I was completely stuck with a huge and debilitating writer's block, procrastinating a long-term, important academic creative project that I had wanted to write and finish for years, but didn't know how to. I was on the verge of stuffing away the project for good when I found Morgan.

Morgan is very smart and quick to catch on, and I always appreciated her input and ideas. Although the style of essay I wanted to write was was new to Morgan, it always felt like she had an idea about where we were going, which made me feel safe. She understood where I wanted to go and continuously had marvelous ideas on how to get me there, even being open to try out unconventional writing styles and methods. She's super structured and keeps track of everything, and she's very accessible for chatting on Skype or email. Brainstorming with Morgan was so much fun, and I knew she would grasp my ideas, take down notes, and thus that nothing would get lost. The work flow was great, intuitive yet disciplined. Morgan also has a great creative grasp of the English language, and her editing always felt very non-intrusive, yet substantially enhanced my own writing.

I just submitted an essay to the academic journal I always wanted to see my writing and photos in; the very essay that I one year ago seriously thought I would never finish! I've reached my goal and have been hugely inspired to continue my creative writing journey. I would recommend Morgan as a writing coach to anyone that needs to get unstuck in their writing, perhaps especially other academics, but also to journalists and writers. She is so easy and inspirational to work with, and she catches on and understands what a project is about very quickly. Working with her as a writing coach and editor has been absolutely awesome, truly one of the best experiences of my whole academic writing life.

A. K., Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer
Stockholm University