July 21

Periscope is the cool, new way to connect – do you scope?


    I’ll admit it. I’m a Periscopin’ fool. An author friend showed me Periscope over coffee one day, and it was love at first sight.

    Periscope is an app that allows live video broadcasts. When you log on, you see a list of people who are broadcasting now and the title of their broadcast, so if a title grabs your interest, you click the link to join the live video stream. When you find a broadcaster you like, you follow her, and Periscope will let you see replays of her broadcasts for 24 hours after they air.

    All the ways that I talk to writers on the phone when I’m coaching, I can now do that live on video, with Periscope!

    The best part is that it can be totally impromptu. If I have a thought that I think would really benefit writers, I can open up Periscope, hit “broadcast,” and share that message with you!

    Because I’m slightly OCD, I’ve started adding little bonuses. For the foundational “scopes” (as they’re called), where I’m sharing really evergreen, valuable content, I create little “scope notes” that you can access from the website.

    Just the other day, I did a scope called “Three essential writing habits that will double your writing productivity TODAY.” If you want to check out the replay (which I’ve posted on YouTube) and the scope notes, click here: paperravenediting.com/periscope or click “Scopes” up there in the top navigation bar.

    And then go download the Periscope app! It’s amazing. I’ve connected with so many people who are sharing truly valuable, free content, and they’re gathering around them communities of inspiring people.

    If you’ve ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of a social media platform, this is it. It’s gonna be huge, folks.

    Join Periscope, and follow me @morgangmac.

    See you on the next scope!

    If you scope, leave your handle down in the comments, and we'll connect!

    P.S. THANK YOU, for your fantastic responses to my one question survey! If you haven't had a chance to answer, here's the link to the shortest survey ever (and I'm using your answers for lots of new content): https://morgan24.typeform.com/to/D22qnv


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