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Professional Book Editors Association

Paper Raven Books is committed to excellence in all areas of producing books—editorial, design, publication, and marketing. What we’ve noticed, though, is that there is not much of a home for modern publishing professionals.

Most of the associations for freelance professionals are not specific to books but attempt to cater to all types of editors, designers, and marketers.

What about an association that’s focused on professionals who specialize in books?

That’s exactly why Paper Raven Books has joined the Professional Book Editors Association in creating trainings, certifications, resources, standards, and best practices for professionals in the book editing space.

The editors who are certified and in good standing with the Professional Book Editors Association work with authors and publishing houses across the spectrum, and they bring with their work a devotion to excellence and a care for books, in particular.

Paper Raven Books is a proud partner with the Professional Book Editors Association, and we would encourage anyone who is interested in becoming certified or hiring a certified editor to click below for more information:

Would you like more information on becoming a certified book editor?