with the Professional Book Editors Association
and the Paper Raven Books team

Professional training in the art and business of editing books,
so that you can advance your career in the publishing industry

**** VIP PRICING ***


(available for a very limited time!)

Bonus #1, Lifetime member of the Professional Book Editors Association (PBEA): From the moment you join today, you’ll remain in good standing with the PBEA and you’ll never pay another penny!

(Value $1,200)

Bonus #2, The Productive Editor’s Tech StackTools to help you bring in sales smoothly, edit efficiently, and do the work “on” your business and “in” your business more effectively, so you can scale your book editing business to exactly the size and level of ease YOU want!

(Value $2,500)

Bonus #3, The Book Editor’s “Business in a Box:” Every template you need to deliver on a manuscript reviews, style sheets for editing project, client agreements, scripts for describing your offers, closing the sale, and even how to handle difficult client conversations—all so you can quickly & easily grow your book editing business!

(Value $3,000)

Bonus #4, Book Design & Formatting Laser-Training: With this specialized training, you’ll be able add book design and formatting to the services that you provide your clients. Discover the best low-cost, easy-to-use formatting softwares that allow you to create beautiful book pages that can be quickly customized and uploaded for distribution and printing on Amazon and in bookstores.

(Value $3,500)

Bonus #5, Paper Raven Book’s Streamlined Self-Publishing GuideGet full access to our step-by-step self-publishing guide, with video walkthroughs, templates, and checklists for publishing and launching a bestselling book, with all of Paper Raven’s best practices revealed. You’ll be able to help your clients publish their books. (And you’ll be able to publish your own books, too!)

(Value $7,500)

Bonus #6, “Customer Pipeline” Fast Track: How to keep your best clients happy, multiply every client into a new set of referrals, and quickly generate testimonials that’ll persuade even complete strangers to hire you, even in ONE phone conversation!

(Value $8,500)


Q: What types of editing will I be certified for?

We currently offer examples, training, review, and certification for the following types of editing:

  • Manuscript Review: reading a full manuscript, taking effective notes while reading, and providing a feedback letter that addresses both the strengths and the areas for revisions, as well as a recommendation on a follow-on level of editing to achieve a “publishable” writing quality.
  • Copyediting: sentence-level editing that focuses on variety, fluidity, word choice, repetition, and clarity in a way that’s both polished and authentic to the author’s voice. Discover the best practices around re-wording sentences, substituting suggested words or phrases, commas and punctuation, tracking consistent style choices, and requesting additional clarifications from the author throughout the manuscript.
  • Proofreading: editing that focuses on punctuation, spelling, grammar, internal consistency, formatting of references, headings, and dividers, as well as the best practices for setting up the Word Document for professional book formatting.

When we start offering developmental editing, book coaching, and ghostwriting, you’ll be the first to know, with VIP pricing levels for any additional certifications.

Q: What types of books will I be able to edit?
You’ll be able to edit any type of book you like! We certainly won’t impose any restrictions or limitations on you. What we’ll prepare you best for, though, is reviewing and editing full-length books with a narrative arc, whether that’s a fiction novel, a memoir, or a nonfiction book. Certainly, though, the principles that we’ll cover in the certification training are broadly applicable across all types of writing, so if you’d like to apply these editorial tools to another area, we would encourage you to do so!

Q: How long will the certification process take?

The training is set up to be “go-at-your-own-pace,” which means if you want to power through the training and send in your assessment material within a few weeks, you’re more than welcome to do so. Or, if you’d prefer to take it slow and steady over a couple of months, that is absolutely fine, too. We’ll be ready to offer you support and reviews, as soon as you’re ready, and there’s no deadline for when you receive your certification.

Q: Am I guaranteed to get certified if I sign up?

We do require that you demonstrate mastery of the core three editorial services—manuscript review, copyediting, and proofreading—before we officially certify you. If some part of what you submit for review doesn’t quite meet standards, we will help you see how you can improve, and we’ll encourage you to keep submitting until we agree you’ve met the standards. You may receive certification on the first submission, or we may ask you to re-submit a time or two.  Be assured, though, we will do our best to offer clarifications, support, and additional guidance to help get you across the certification finish line, as long as you’re willing to receive feedback and improve your submissions. 

Q: Who is doing the training?

Paper Raven Books is partnering with the Professional Book Editors Association to provide the training, led by our senior book coaches, who have worked in the book editing industry for 10+ years, each.

Q: What types of resources will I get, once I’m certified?

We have put together a whole set of resources for you to use, all branded with the Professional Book Editors Association, so that your clients value and respect your editorial input, all the more. These resources include:

  • Genre-specific rubrics for fiction, memoir, nonfiction, and poetry, so your clients can understand what elements you’re looking for in a manuscript review,
  • Template feedback letters that you can use for manuscript reviews, so you can easily fill in the client-specific feedback and share a professional-looking review letter,
  • A customizable style sheet that you can use and update with each of your clients’ particular style choices.

Q: What rates will I be able to charge, once I’m certified?

We won’t put any restrictions or limitations on your rates. You can feel free to start on the lower end of the spectrum, if you’re new to working with clients and want to build up testimonials. Or you can feel free to start on the high end of the spectrum. Bundle editing with any other valuable products or services you can offer to clients, and put whatever price you’d like on your packages! We will provide you with typical rate ranges, and you’ll be able to quote whatever prices make sense to you for each client project you’re considering.

Q: How do I get listed on the Professional Book Editors Association directory?

As soon as you’ve passed the assessments for the manuscript review, copyedit, and proofread editorial types, we’ll add you to the public membership roster, so that any prospective client can quickly and easily see that you are, indeed, certified and in good standing with the association.

Q: What’s the benefit of being listed in the Professional Book Editors Association directory?

Paper Raven Books exclusively recommends editors who are in the Professional Book Editors Association, to our email list of 70,000+ writers, to our own membership community of writers that’s 500 and growing quickly, and to other author-related businesses, like Self-Publishing School.

Plus, you’ll receive a logo that you can place on your website, social media, business card, and anywhere else that would helpful for you, so that you can differentiate yourself from others in the marketplace who claim to edit books. You’ll have our literal stamp of approval and vote of confidence to display.

Q: Why is Paper Raven Books offering to refer Professional Book Editors Association (PBEA) certified editors, anyway?

Paper Raven Books has been working with authors on books for over 15 years. We’ve seen, first-hand, that the demand for book editing services is far above and beyond what our small company could ever manage, internally. We’ve had a need for many years to be able to refer writers in our community to book editors that we trust, but we have not had a trustworthy pool of editors to recommend.

When we started discussing book editor certification with PBEA, we realized this could be a perfect win-win. Paper Raven Books could actually provide the training, so we’re confident that the editors we’re recommending are up to professional standards, and we’d have a pool of editors across a variety of specializations to recommend to our growing writing community.

Q: Is there any other way to join the Professional Book Editors Association?

No, currently, the only way to join the PBEA as a certified editor is through this training program.

Q: What if I already have education/degrees/an editing business?

Great! This could be an opportunity to update your editorial toolbelt and get more training in the business side, as well. You’ll probably pass with flying colors and be able to get in front of our writing community as a certified editor quickly!


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