*** UPGRADE ***

Upgrade to the 201 Level to include certification in
Book Coaching and Developmental Editing

The second major section of the course is the 201 level, which dives deeply into book coaching and developmental editing, both skills that will dramatically increase your ability to bring value and charge higher rates to a client:

  • Section 6: Book Coaching Framework, provides our framework for working with an author in the early stages of writing, offering insightful feedback and support as they’re writing, and ensuring the author completes a compelling first draft that will be ready to go into editing.
  • Section 7: Developmental Editing Deep Dive, includes how to do a “Reverse Outline” in preparation for a structural edit, when to guide the author to make their own changes vs. making “hard changes” in the manuscript, and how to implement a vision of moving, adding to, and trimming sections of the book manuscript, so that it becomes a tight, well-structured book.

Also includes the following visibility bumps (to help you get more work!):

  • Interview with Morgan to highlight the book writing and editing process, from your perspective, shared on Paper Raven Books' social media accounts,
  • And you'll be in Paper Raven Books' small pool of people who we'd consider adding as a coach inside our Book Coaching and Mentorship program.

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