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We've put together some information on this page, so that you can quickly come up to speed on our most popular offer and how you can make money, just by letting people know about it!

What is "Paper Raven Books?"

We are a self-publishing services company. When an author wants to self-publish a professional book, we're the team they partner with. The author keeps the creative vision, legal rights, and profits from all their book sales. We're helping a new generation of entrepreneurial authors publish successfully and build their own long-term career as an author.

How can someone work
with Paper Raven Books?

The easiest way for someone to work with our team is in our popular "Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan. We'll provide full details of this offer below, but at a high-level, we provide: 1) an in-depth review of the author's manuscript (or book concept, if still early on in the writing), 2) an in-depth market analysis that reveals how big of a readership potential their is for a book like this one, and 3) a stack of bonus trainings to help the author begin putting into place plans to publish, launch, and market their book. 

How can someone find out
about Paper Raven Books?

We have a free workshop, where Morgan walks through the main aspects of a truly bestselling book for an author to consider prior to publication. The workshop focuses on a quality manuscript, Amazon optimization, and creating an email list that is the foundation for a long-term author career. A recent replay of this workshop will be below.

How I become a Paper Raven Books partner?

If you'd like to send writers and authors to our workshop,
we'd love to make that easy for you! All you have to do is:

  • Click the button below and fill out a form with our affiliate software, SamCart. There, you'll create a username and password.
  • Once we see you've set up an account, we'll help to make sure you have your unique link.
  • That link will direct people to the evergreen webinar where, any day of the week, any week of the year. The funnel is created such that they'll be offered a live webinar. If they don't attend live, they'll be offered a live encore the next day. If they don't attend the live encore, they'll be offered an on-demand for a 24-hour period. Then, they're offered the replay and the last call to say, "Yes" to the offer with the bonus stack. It's a funnel that's been tested and optimized.
  • All you have to do is use your link in any email, social media post, or SMS, and you'll be credited for anyone who applies for our "Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan.
  • For every person who applies, we'll send you $200 USD. Whether or not that person actually becomes a client, you still get $200. 
  • Why are we paying $200 per application, when we don't even know if that application is going to become a client? Frankly, we know our numbers. We know how much we'd have to pay in traffic to find new writers, so any applications that come from you are actually an overall cost-savings for us. So, it's a win-win! 
  • PLUS, if they DO become a client (by signing up for the "Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan, we'll send you an $800 referral thank-you for introducing us!

What if I know someone who wants to jump straight in a publish a book with you?

For most people, we recommend starting with the "Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan.  It's a great way for our team to review the writer's book ideas and provide a valuable market analysis for them. Then, if we decide to work together to publish their book, we actually credit their investment toward working together. That way, we can do a "trial-run" and create a game plan before we commit to working together and the writer doesn't lose any money, since they can credit it toward the full project scope.

That said, some people just know what they want! ;) If you have a personal connection, and you know they're ready move straight into writing, editing, and publishing, send us a connecting email (hello@paperravenbooks.com), and we'll simply send you a referral thank-you of $1,000 when your connection signs a publishing agreement with us.

We hope to make this whole process as easy as possible for you! 

If you're ready, we're ready!

Do you want to see the full Webinar and "Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan Details?
You can see all the details below:


How one first-time author is using a little-known marketing strategy to quietly sell over 10,000 books without wasting any time on social media, blogging ,or guest posting... 

Want to know more about how you can apply for our team to do
an in-depth review of your book concept and market analysis?
We have a LIMITED OPPORTUNITY available now:

Introducing, exclusively for our community of writers,

The "Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan

Our collective goal is to help you know whether your book or book idea is publishable and marketable.
At a high level, here’s what we will accomplish together:

  1. 1
    Review Your Book Content or Concept: One of our senior book editors reads what you’ve written, start to finish. Your editor takes detailed notes, creates a summary review to guide your revisions, and hops on a coaching call to talk you through the main areas of potential and improvement in the structure and quality of your book.
  2. 2
    Determine Whether There's a Market for this Book: We’ll analyze what readers are looking for now, what’s trending in your specific market of readers, and what other comparable titles are earning in monthly sales. This type of market analysis is engineered to help you know ahead of time how big your readership is, where to strategically categorize your book, and how quickly you can expect to re-coupe publishing costs and actually make money as an author. You'll have a call with our senior marketing director to create YOUR best marketing plan.

The value of this personalized feedback with our senior team is $9,500.

(available for a very limited time)

BONUS #1: Our Secret Book Launch Process.  Includes exact email templates, social media swipe files, book launch team strategies, effective book promotion sites that are working now, and a full book launch timeline—all ready and loaded for you to copy and use in your next book launch.  (Value $8,200)

BONUS #2: The Insider’s Comprehensive Book Publishing Guide.  360-view of the four main options in the publishing industry: traditional publishers, hybrid publishers, self-publishing companies, and self-publishing—the pros and cons that only publishing insiders know. I’m sharing all of this with you, so you can TRULY make the best decision for your book, without other peoples’ agendas interfering with the ultimate potential of your book. Includes a ridiculously detailed milestone map for every step your book will go through, from concept to first draft to comprehensive editing, through design and publication, so that you know exactly what to expect when publishing your book. (Value $5,400)

BONUS #3: Growth Hack Your Author Platform Workshops.  Series of intensive workshops, where we go deep into how to find your readers online, how to create an engaging social media strategy, grow your email list, and connect with influencers in your space. (Value $7,800)

What's the cost?

Considering EVERYTHING you get when you work with our team in the "Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan...

● In-Depth Editorial Review Valued at $4,750
● In-Depth Market Analysis Valued at $4,750
● BONUS #1: Access To Our Secret Book Launch Process Valued at $5,400

● BONUS #2:  Insider’s Comprehensive Guide to Publishing Valued at $8,200
● BONUS #3: Author Platform “Growth Hacks” Valued at $7,800

The TOTAL VALUE you receive the moment you join is at LEAST $30,000+.

The good news is, you can get access to professional feedback and guidance on your book TODAY in the
"Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan for just 3 payments of $1,000. Or you can pay $2,950 upfront, paid in FULL, and you will not owe another penny.

You might be wondering, "What's the catch?"

Frankly, we don't offer this level of personalized feedback to just anyone. We need to know that you're serious and committed to writing and publishing your book. We've met  plenty of folks who say they want to write a book and turn out to be all talk and no action.  (But, I have a feeling that because you're here, that's not you!) To make sure we're on the same page before we talk about working together, we do require an application and a phone call to make sure that we're a good fit.

Simply submit your $100 application fee that is fully refundable. If you’re not a fit or you change your mind, we’ll send that $100 straight back to you, right when when we're on the phone with you. If you are a fit and you are accepted, we’ll credit that $100 application fee toward your balance for the program. It's risk-free and 100% guaranteed.

You’ll fill out the application questions, and you’ll book a call with us so that we can chat. We’ll get to know a bit more about you and your book, and we’ll chat about whether this is a good fit for you.


Q: How long does it take to complete the review and market analysis? 

After you’ve submitted your book concept, it’ll be approximately one month. One of our senior book coaches will spend two to three weeks reviewing your material, provide written feedback, and get on the phone with you to discuss in depth. At the same time, one of our marketing analysts will review your book concept, do a deep dive into research, provide your report and get on the phone with you to discuss in depth. The whole process takes about a month.

Q: When do I get access to the bonuses? 

If you’re eager to get started, right away, as soon as you’re accepted into the program, you get instant access to those bonuses:  Our SecretBook Launch Process, Insider’s Comprehensive Guide to Publishing, Author Platform “Growth Hacks” bonuses.

Q: Would I submit my application early? 

Spots are extremely limited. And applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are over 45,000 writers in our community, and this program is limited to 10. And if you want to be able to take advantage of the Accelerated Super Bonuses, then act quickly, because there are only a few more spots available at this level. If you’re at ALL interested, I strongly suggest you submit your application today, while you’re reading this and while it’s still on your mind.

Q: When will I find out if I’m accepted? 

Once we’ve received your application, you’ll be able to schedule a call. I suggest you schedule a call as early as possible. And you’ll find out during that call where your application stands in the queue. Here’s the link to apply: PaperRavenBooks.com/Start

Q: What’s the difference between the “Breakthrough Bestseller” Plan and just having someone read my book and give me feedback? 

If you give your writing to a friend and ask for feedback, a) you’ll be lucky if they read it in any sort of timely manner and b) their response will probably be vague and not especially helpful. If you hire an editor, they’re going to help you make your book better, for sure. Their big blindspot, though, is they’re not thinking about the first, fundamental question: what’s the MARKET for this book? “Is it good?” Yes. AND, “Will it sell?” Those are two different questions. When you work with our team of publishing professionals, we review BOTH your writing and the market for your book. We’re thinking about getting the right structure for your book, based on what your readers are looking for in a book like yours. We’re also thinking about the market potential for your book. We put on a wide-angle lens to make sure that, yes, you know exactly what needs to happen next in revising and prepping your book for quality publication, AND, you know exactly what the size of readership is for a book like yours, even before you release your book. Very few people in the book world are able to give you this depth and breadth of feedback.

Q: Does my book need to be completely DONE before I can take advantage of this

Nope! If you have a written draft (something like 30,000 words), we will review all of your content, so that we can see the scope of the book and the trajectory of the storyline. Yes, it’s okay if your manuscript is still in “rough draft” form. We’re book coaches! We’re very used to working with messy ideas. :)And even if you don’t have a written draft, that’s okay, too! We’ll send you a Book Concept Brief to answer for us, and you can fill out the Book Concept Brief for one, two, or three book ideas. Our senior book coach will review, provide written feedback, and then follow up with an in-depth phone call to discuss, brainstorm, and offer clarifying suggestions. It’s like the litmus test to know the book will be successful before you even commit to writing it!

Q: But, seriously, what if I haven't started writing??

I totally get it. 😊 I've been a writing coach for 14 years, typically working with folks from the very beginning of their book idea, and I will tell you that it is actually EASIER to start working with an editor before you get deep into writing. We'll use our time together to talk through your thoughts, any outlines, mindmaps, or notes you have, and create a plan for you to get started in the writing process.

PLUS, we'll be able to give you that market analysis, so you'll know ahead of time whether it would be beneficial for sales to include a certain angle or topic, in order to take advantage of what readers are actively looking for.

Frankly, bringing a professional book team is absolutely the most efficient and effective way to jumpstart your book writing process—if you're serious about writing this book in the next year. And if you're wondering whether you've got what it takes to write this book, whether this book really has the potential to take off.... well, this is the best way to answer those questions. Where else can you get access to a professional team that publishes and launches books every single week? And the good news is that if you like working with our team in setting up the plan, you'll have the option to keep working with us (only if you want to), and your investment in this "Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan will credit toward continue working with our team.

Q: What genres or topics are a best fit for this “Breakthrough Bestseller” Plan?

We do not offer our services for picture books, coffee table books, or cookbooks. For all other types of nonfiction, fiction, or memoir, we very likely have a senior book coach who has years of experience in your type of book. And we’ll let you know whether we’re a good fit for your book or not. If we’re not, we’ll do our best to refer you to one of our trusted partners!

Q: Is there a Guarantee?

If you’re not thrilled with the insights and guidance we provide in your “Breakthrough Bestseller”Plan, we’ll gladly refund 100% of your money. We do ask that you have a phone call with our team, in order to be eligible for your refund, so that we can talk with you about what didn’t work for you.

Q: Does this include editing, design, publishing, and all the things?

Editing, design, and publishing the book is outside the scope of this “Breakthrough Bestseller” Plan. Some of the writers we work with will take their book to a traditional publisher or hybrid publisher or continue working with our Paper Raven Books team. That’s not a decision you have to make, right now, though, and there are no ongoing obligations. After your one-on-one strategy session with us, if you’d like to talk with us about working with our team, Paper Raven Books, we’ll set up a follow-up call to discuss those options. Plus your investment in the “Breakthrough Bestseller” plan would 100% count toward any package that you might do with us in the future. 

Lastly, if you still have any unanswered questions, my recommendation is this:

Simply fill out an application and a phone call, and we'll be happy to have a frank discussion about whether or not we're a good fit.

Simply submit your $100 application fee that is fully refundable. If you’re not a fit or you change your mind, we’ll send that $100 straight back to you, right when when we're on the phone with you. If you are a fit and you are accepted, we’ll credit that $100 application fee toward your balance for the program. It's risk-free and 100% guaranteed.

You’ll fill out the application questions, and you’ll book a call with us so that we can chat. We’ll get to know a bit more about you and your book, and we’ll chat about whether this is a good fit for you.

Remember, as a partner, we send you:

  • $200 for every paid application,

  • $800 for every "Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan client

who comes through your, unique affiliate link!

And your, unique link will track every one of your clicks will be tracked automatically for a full 365 days. Payments will be sent automatically via PayPal 10 days after the transaction.

Once you sign up as an affiliate, we'll send you more training on who makes a great fit for this offer, suggestions for how to word an email or message to a writer, and more. It's all loaded and ready for you, so that being a Paper Raven Books partner can be as easy, fun, and profitable as possible. :)

To get your unique affiliate link, all you have to do is click below :

We're looking forward to working with you

as a Paper Raven Books partner!

—Morgan and the Paper Raven Books Team

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