June 9

This is what you have to overcome before you can start writing your book


You have these moments of clarity, when you think, “You know what, I really should write a book about that. I have some knowledge and experience that other people don’t, and I think they’d benefit from what I have to say.” You feel a bit of an adrenaline surge that suggests, absolutely, writing a book is totally possible!

To be perfectly honest, I believe that when we get the nudge on the shoulder to write a book, it is a divine nudge. It’s the Spirit (however you conceive of the Spirit) laying a hand on us and saying very gently, “Writing this book is something I’m calling you to do, and I will give you the endurance to see it through.”

Those nudges can come to us in a variety of ways:

  • A friend saying, “You should write a book!”
  • Passing by the local bookstore window and having a vision of your own book there.
  • Inspired moments, when you start to sketch out a book idea.
  • Dreams that are so real, so vivid, you can’t help but write them down when you wake up.
  • A book cover that pops into your mind suddenly.
  • Or something completely different for you!

These are truly magical moments in your life. After all, how often is it that the Spirit enters your world and encourages you in not-so-subtle ways to take on a big, adventuresome task—to start writing your book. Actually, it may happen more often than you realize, and maybe you’ve just become accustomed to brushing it aside.

Within 24 hours of one of these nudges, you do a complete 180-degree turn, and you start to think, “Ah, well, I don’t really have time to start writing a book. Something like that’s probably already been written. I don’t really know how to write a book, anyway. Maybe someday, but not right now.”

That is the moment when you have allowed complacency to derail your future.

Doubt sets in, hard and fast. Those negative thoughts creep in. You allow myths about what you’re capable of and what our culture says it takes to write a successful book. You start to think that you’re not ready.

Deep down, you believe that you’re not good enough to start writing a book that captures your story, philosophy, perspective, and experience.

And for as long as you procrastinate writing your book, you allow that “not good enough” belief to control your future.

But you do have a choice.

You are actually in control of how you see yourself and your future. You can choose to believe that remaining complacent, keeping within your familiar routines will suit you just fine.

Or you can choose to try something new. You can choose to grow that tiny belief, the one nudged into your conscious by the Spirit, that your future might just be radically changed for the better by starting to write this book.

But how do you start writing?

You’re taking a deep breath, ready to take the plunge, but how, exactly, do you dive in?

Let me walk you through it, nice and easy. I’m launching a Free Book-Writing Crash Course that’ll show you your next step toward writing your book.

If you want to know more about how to write and self-publish a book that will strategically level-up your business and platform, you’re going to want in on the Free Book-Writing Crash Course.

The course will walk you through:

1. Three things you need to know about publishing and  why now is the perfect time for your book.

2. The quick-start method that will get you clear on your topic & motivated to write today.

3. How you can write a high-quality, publishable book that you are proud to sell in 90 days.

Want in?

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