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Our Journey is Our Own eBook CoverRestarting your life when you are no longer a wife by Diane Burroughs book cover




She Can't Tell by Carla WheinInvesting for the Smarter Sex by Tiffany KentThe Seventh World Book 1 A.S. McMillen


Soft Skills for Hard People by Helena KimNavigating Divorce with a Peaceful Heart by Stephanie MeriauxProject Relationship by Joli HamiltonThe Secret of the Green Anole by Jake Shuford


Michael Oster BookMichael Ward - The Sixth SolaThe Key to Postpartum Healing by Tansy Briggs, DACMTundra Courage by Brenda Bowie Wise


Gilbert Simon


How to Fix a Factory by Rob Tracy













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Our publishing philosophy

We believe that self-published authors can now produce books that are just as high quality as the books produced by traditional publishers. Independent publishing teams (like Paper Raven Books) are bringing together some of the best talent in the industry so that the editing, design, and even the paper quality is just as good as what a Big Five publisher would sell to Barnes & Noble.

If you have a dream and plan to become an author, but you don’t want to wait around for a traditional publisher, give up your creative vision, sign away your legal rights, or hand over 90% of your profits, you should seriously consider self-publishing with Paper Raven Books.

We want to bring out your voice and your vision for your book, so we take your creative input very seriously. After all, it’s your book! We make zero claims to your words. The trademarks and copyrights are all yours. We ask for payment upfront, but once your book is published, all the profits from sales are yours to keep. Just the way it should be!

We are your partner in publishing, guiding you through the process, but always in step with your desires and your plans.


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