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New Release Tuesday

October 03rd New Releases

September 26th New Releases

September 19th New Releases

RebelHealing by Noelle Janka
The Cannabis Preacher Sermon Three by Sabine Frisch
Gavel to Gavel by AX Foster
2442steps to crazy by d. paul fleming

September 12th New Releases

Spirit Embraced by Kim Colella
Keys to the Last Resort by Licia Rester

August 29th New Releases

Beyond the Chaos by Don Kirchner
Becoming Fearless by Brenda E Smith

August 22nd New Releases

The Tales of Zren Janin Boxed Set by ML Dunker
Within by Alex Kroll

August 15th New Releases

Desert Storm Warning by ML Yost
The Turnaround 2 by Robert S. Curry

August 8th New Releases

August 1st New Releases

July 25th New Releases

July 15th New Releases

Embers of Eternity by Brianna R. Shaffery
Th Sweet Tooth Dilemma by Andrea Grayson