August 30

Navigating the Publishing World

When an excellent writer collaborates with AI, they can generate new ideas, conduct research, and find innovative ways to phrase things.

In the ever-changing realm of publishing, a prominent figure emerges as a pioneer in the field—Morgan MacDonald. Renowned as a bestselling author, publisher, and influential thinker, she has committed herself to shaping optimal strategies for triumph in the contemporary publishing arena. Morgan's expertise transcends conventional boundaries, as she delves into the crossroads of AI, The Blockchain, BookTok, and other innovative domains.

Furthermore, she leads through her own example, adeptly harmonizing her entrepreneurial endeavors with the responsibilities of motherhood, and even recently attaining her pilot's certification. Within this illuminating Q&A session, Morgan provides insights into her personal journey, the influence of AI on writing, navigating the intricacies of the publishing sphere, and attaining equilibrium between work and personal life.

Read more in the article on Level 21 Magazine.


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