December 8

Mastering the Dynamics of a 7-Figure Publishing Agency

When it comes to the book, we are your book people.

Come along as we explore Morgan Gist MacDonald's transition from a freelance book editor to establishing the successful publishing agency, Paper Raven Books. Discover insights into the four key stages of the book journey, the significance of establishing transparent client expectations, and the crucial role of advocating for profit margins.

The journey of Paper Raven Books from startup to becoming a 7-figure book agency started in editing which progressed into helping authors self-publish their books and grew into a tremendous team that now helps authors write, edit, and market their books. Paper Raven Books is a pioneering publishing company dedicated to assisting both novice and seasoned authors in navigating the writing, publishing, and marketing journey. The goal is to empower authors to not only see their books published but also to cultivate a dedicated readership and establish a lasting career in the realm of authorship.

Don't miss this podcast. Watch more on the Leverage for Growth YouTube channel or visit their Website, Niche in Control.


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