You can finally get access to the feedback you need on your manuscript and answers to the questions that are most important to where you are, right now: "Is my book good enough to be published? What parts land powerfully with the reader? And what areas still need to be revised before publication?"

Here's what we'll cover together:


  • You send us what you’ve written of one book, and one of our senior book coaches will read it, start to finish. We'll match you with the senior book coach who has the most experience in your type of book. 
  • The book coach takes detailed notes and creates a summary review to highlight which areas of the manuscript are working well and what still needs to be revised before it's ready to move into more detailed editing.
  • At this stage, we're focusing on the narrative arc, which will vary by genre and topic, as well as stylistic habits you'll want to identify, as you move into editing (such as verb tense and sentence variety). 
    • Nonfiction reviews will focus on the overall logical structure, clear explanations of ideas, momentum from one chapter to the next, compelling use of illustrations and stories, and consistency of the narrator's voice.
    • Fiction reviews will focus on the overall plot architecture, clear development of characters, momentum from one chapter to the next, scene-setting, dialogue, pacing, and consistency of point of view, and transitions from one point of view to the next.
    • Memoir reviews will focus on the overall story structure, clear development of the author as the protagonist, alignment between what the author wants to share and what the reader wants to read, momentum from one chapter to the next, scene-setting, dialogue, pacing, and consistency of the narrator's voice.
  • Our senior book coach will write up a feedback letter that highlights what's already working well in your manuscript and what will need to be revised before the book gets any closer to editing and publication.
  • You'll have a one-on-one coaching call with the book coach with you to talk through the main areas of potential and improvement in the manuscript.

And, yes, you receive all of this personalized, professional feedback on your manuscript for just one payment of $950, or you can choose 3 monthly payments of $350!

Impressed with the thoroughness of the manuscript review

"I was so impressed with the thoroughness of the manuscript review. Colleen was diligent in offering constructive advice and in giving supporting explanations for her suggestions. She gave valuable feedback from a macro perspective (e.g., structure & character arcs) all the way to a micro view (e.g., she caught a mistake I'd made on a character's name that even my eagle-eyed writing group members missed). Many thanks to Colleen for her dedication and skill!"

- GAIL PINER, author of a high courage

Identified the right spots to improve

"I loved Ashley's critique! She identified the right spots to improve and gave really good suggestions of how. And she was super encouraging, which is very important to a first-time writer who has no ability to assess the worthiness of his own work. "

- Igor Chirashnya, author of BREAKING NEWS OF TOMORROW

After publication, Steven Pressfield (THE Steven Pressfield) said of Igor’s book: "Igor Chirashnya's debut novel, Breaking News of Tomorrow, is a well-crafted work of suspense, compelling characters, and moral decisions as one man carries the weight of the future. It's a must-read for readers of all kinds!" 

Beautifully done and so precise in language and quality

"The manuscript review was incredibly beautifully done and so precise in language and quality. I felt inspired to look at my book again, this story of mine, my reasons for publishing and the complexity of it, and just come back to the story. The level of feedback made me realize - yet again - that I do need help shaping this story, and the quality of feedback was clearly indicative of what happens when a professional has your back. "

- lorelei loveridge, debut book forthcoming

Positive and constructive feedback

"This is my first time writing a book, and I know I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination. I received both positive and constructive feedback during the manuscript review. I know I have my weaknesses as a new writer and all comments and suggestions will only make me better as I continue down this path. Colleen was very easy to speak with, and I very much enjoyed our conversation. She was able to educate me on several areas where I was lacking knowledge and took the time to answer my questions." 


Thorough, candid, and encouraging review

"I enjoyed working with Kate. She provided a thorough, candid, and encouraging review. I know what my next steps are, and I'm moving forward with confidence."


Highly recommend to all writers, new and established

"I loved every part of this journey. I feel like I have grown as a writer. I feel supported. Feedback is constructive and on point.  I feel comfortable with everyone and most importantly I did not feel intimidated or put down for having a vision. This has truly been a positive experience for me and I highly recommend the manuscript review process to all writers, new and established."

- lokenani Souza, Debut series forthcoming

Obviously grasped the genre and didn’t try to make my novel something it wasn’t

"I was impressed with how well Ashley knew and understood my story. She obviously grasped the genre and didn’t try to make my novel something it wasn’t, which is something I experienced in past writing workshops. And her suggestions for revising made perfect sense. Her depth of knowledge of my story made me trust her authority."

- josef lemoine, author of The Unsaid Summer

Impressed at the level of care paid to my project

"I was really impressed at the level of care paid to my project. It's so difficult to get anyone in the book industry to give you much time. I felt like they really showed up for me."

- dale allen-rowse, author of the journey of the dark shaman trilogy and the language in the light series

PLUS, right now, we're offering a few free bonuses...

BONUS #1: Book Marketing Roadmap: everything that you need to know about book marketing before you publish your book, all in one, comprehensive guide that covers:

  • the marketing elements you need to focus on while you're still writing and revising your manuscript, including how you can set your book up to attract the right readers, right away,
  • the best ways for authors to coordinate with bookstores, including Amazon, to make your book both available and visible as soon as you launch your book,
  • how we recommend developing an author platform, including your website, email list, social media, and influencer outreach, that will help you grow your readership over the long term, well after you publish your book.

BONUS #2: Streamlined Self-Publishing Guide: all the trainings, resources, and walkthroughs you would need to do to successfully self-publish your book—including:

  • How do I use Grammarly and ProWritingAid to proofread my book? 
  • How do I set up my Word Document to make it ready to publish?
  • How do I get a cover designed? How do I get an interior designed?
  • How do I get all my files formatted and ready to upload?
  • What about ISBNs, my KDP account, my IngramSpark account—all those nitty-gritty publishing questions?
  • How do I set up my author platform? My website, my email list, my social media accounts?
  • How do I reach out to influencers who might provide book reviews?

    If you've thought about self-publishing, but you're hoping that somewhere there's a library of content that just has everything you'd need to know in it... We've got it for you, right here. Our full Streamlined Self-Publishing Guide walks you through, click-by-click, and step-by-step. It's like you're sharing the screen with us, and we're showing you exactly how you can successfully self-publish your book.

BONUS #3: One-on-one call with our Author Marketing Specialist: If you've ever wished you could not only get an inside look into how a publisher thinks about the best book marketing strategies, but then ALSO talk to their top marketing specialist about YOUR book's best opportunities and what you'll need to do now to set your book up for publishing success, this is your chance. This is typically only available for our clients, so this is an incredibly valuable opportunity.

216 Books

We've published 216 books, across genres and topics, each unique to the author's style.

2,354 Downloads/Sales

Every book we launch averages 2,354 downloads/sales, just during launch week.

Six #1 Rankings

Every book we launch averages SIX #1 rankings, which helps with long-term success.

We help people write, publish, and launch their books. This is what we do, all day, every day. If you're looking for a publishing team to come alongside and help you get your book out into the world in a way that sets you up for long-term success as an author, you've come to the right place.


You might be wondering, "What types of books do you work with?"

We regularly work with nonfiction, memoir, and fiction books. We've published and launched books in every genre, with the marketing particularities that come with a specific genre, and here's what some of our authors have seen after publishing their books:

#1s in their books' most relevant and competitive categories and 100s of reviews after the launch.

With a little time and continued marketing in those best categories, 1,900+ reviews and counting.

And that type of credibility lends itself to awards and guest appearances
that sets the book up for the virtuous cycle of long-term marketing goodness.

THIS is what happens when your book is set up for success from the beginning!

"What could a book make possible in my life?"

Attract Clients & Speaking Opportunities

Tell Powerful Stories & Start a Movement

Help People Live Better Lives

Steven Adjei has exploded his speaking opportunities (now including the top business schools in the world!) and grown his client base for his health consultancy business.

Laurie Scott published her memoir and has already sold 5,000+ copies. She's now asked to speak to nonprofits, churches, and organizations around the country. 

Annette Kam's book topped 100 reviews in just a few short months AND has opened up opportunities to work with new clients and nonprofits in estate planning for families.

Kickstart a Brand-New Series in a Genre

Exponentially Grow Your Readership

Set up your Long-Term Author Career

M.L. Dunker outlined and began writing her five-book series while she was still at her 9-5 job. She then "rapid released" all five books, back-to-back, and kick-started a brand-new series that now has over 10,000 downloads and sales. 

Nate Wagner's debut novel won Best Historical Fiction / Western in BookFest 2023, and he used the coming of his next book to quickly grow his email list from 0 to over 500 and his TikTok from 0 to over 1,000. His second book earned the Amazon bestseller flag before it even launched! 

Sabine Frisch began as an independent author and grew into a true publisher with her own backlist. Now, with 7 financial thrillers, a cozy mystery series, and a romance series, Sabine is setting herself up for long-term sales of her backlist for years to come.

You might be wondering, "What's the catch?"

Frankly, we don't offer this level of personalized support and guidance to just anyone. We need to know that you're serious and committed to writing and publishing your book. We've met plenty of folks who say they want to write a book and turn out to be all talk and no action.  (But, I have a feeling that because you're here, that's not you!)

Here's the thing, though: we cannot offer a money-back guarantee. We're going to spend 20+ hours reviewing your manuscript, preparing feedback, hosting coaching calls with you, and helping with the back-and-forth communication to make it all happen. And that doesn't include all the time we've already put into the bonuses we're offering, here. 

To be fair, here's what we can promise we'll do: We will ask you some questions about your book as soon as you secure your spot. If we feel like our team is not a good fit for providing feedback on your book, we will refund you before we do the work. If we do feel like we're the right fit for your book, though, you'll be committed to the full payment of that manuscript review process.

Answers to Questions You Might Have

Q: What if I have something that I might call a "first draft?" What if it's still messy, maybe not quite complete, and really isn't ready for editing?

That's fine! If you have gotten most of what's in your head down on to paper, we can give you guidance on what the next phase of your revisions will look like. Plus, you'll have our rubrics and writing resources to help you then revise your first draft and get it closer to being ready for editing. 

Q: What about editing? Are you going to do all the developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading, too?

Actually, no, our editorial team will not do comprehensive editing on your book during this manuscript review. We’re going to be assessing your book at a high level, so we can make sure your book has a coherent structure and compelling narrative arc for the reader. This is the most important part of the writing process that benefits most from the guidance of a professional book coach.

And then inside Bonus #2, the Streamlined Self-Publishing Guide, we’ll also show you how to customize some incredibly powerful AI tools to do copyediting and proofreading. Even some of the free tools can be tuned to do high-quality editing.

Q: What if I really like the book coach I work with? Could we add on developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading?

Sure thing! If we align on the vision for your book, and you're blown away by our senior book coach's insights, we'll be happy to put together a quote for you that could include editing, publishing, and launching the book (if you'd like), and we'll credit the $950 you've paid toward the custom package we put together for you.

Q: I'll be talking to real people, right? It's not just emailing Word Documents back and forth?

Yes, you'll be working with our team for a few weeks. We'll guide you through how to send us your manuscript. And while our senior book coach is reviewing your manuscript, we'll give you some best principles on book marketing to flip through and think about. Then, you'll be on a call with our author marketing specialist, who can offer that personalized guidance. Afterwards, you'll receive your written manuscript review, and you'll be on a call with our senior book coach. And if you have any problems along the way, our team is just a quick message away, and we can hop on a phone call or Zoom call with you. Don't worry, we've got you. 😊

Q: What if I need a couple of weeks to put some additional work into my manuscript? Can I still secure a spot now?

Sure thing! We'll want to receive your manuscript within two to three weeks, but if you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity, I'd recommend you go ahead and secure your spot, and then you'll have that extra boost of motivation (and a reason to politely request some alone time from the people in your life) to let you concentrate on the book, get it to us, and then you'll have the professional feedback you need within a few weeks!

Q: What if I haven't started writing, yet? Or if I'm still very early in the writing process?

Instead of a manuscript review, I would recommend that you have a call with a book coach, more specifically geared toward sketching out what we would call a "narrative arc." I actually do have a workshop coming up that talks about the writing process, as well as our Book Coaching & Mentorship program (which guides writers through the first draft phase). You can see details on that workshop here:

>> Click here to see details on that upcoming workshop. << 

Q: What if I have more than one book?

For this particular manuscript review, we will only review one book. However, if you have a series or are planning a series, you can give us notes on what the subsequent books look like or might look like, depending on how far you are in the process. If you like our insights and suggestions, we can create a custom package for you that could involve reviewing the next books, as well as editing, publishing, and launching, if we want to explore those options together.

Q: What if I've been burned by an editor or a scammy publishing company before? 

I'm right there with you. I've been a book coach for more than 15 years, and I've been growing Paper Raven Books for 10 years. I've seen it all, and I've heard every type of publishing scam story you can imagine.

And that's exactly why we do this manuscript review process. It's a small-scope, upfront project. If we love working together, great! We now have a vision for how we could continue the work together. If we don't love working together, we hope that you still get insights and information that you wouldn't have gotten anywhere else, that we can point you in the right direction, and that we can part ways as friends.

Either way, we absolutely agree that you should establish a relationship before diving deeply into a publishing agreement, and that's why we highly recommend always starting with a manuscript review, with us or with any publisher. And if they won't do a manuscript review, I would suggest you take that as a red flag.

Q: Okay, I want to do this manuscript review with your team. How do I get started?

Just select your payment preference below, answer a few questions about your book, and we'll reach out to you with the next steps. We're honored to join you for this part of your author journey!

Secure your spot for a manuscript review with one of our senior book coaches here:

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