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If we hear someone say, one more time, “If you want to sell more books, just post more on social media,” we might literally whack our heads on our laptop keyboards.

Posting on social media does not drive sales.

Hanging out in Facebook groups does not drive sales.

Guest blogging does not drive sales.

… But you already know this, right? Because you wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t tried all of this advice already.

We are one of the few publishing companies that is on the front lines of selling books, direct to readers, through online platforms.

We don’t use bookstores.

We don’t use libraries.

We don’t bother with the New York Times behind-closed-doors politics.

We find ninja ways to sell books directly to our readers, so that we can maximize our profits on every sale (and bring readers in for more, high-value sales on the back-end), and we teach our authors to do the same.

It’s no accident that our founder & CEO, Morgan Gist MacDonald, has sold more than 10,000 copies of her own book, plus leads the strategy to sell tens of thousands of our authors’ books. (And the best part is that our authors keep the profits from their own book sales!)

Want to learn our secrets?

You can join the waitlist for our Sell More Books Insider’s Secrets Club, and we’ll let you know as soon as doors open.


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