How We Work

Curious about

how we work with authors?

Are you interested in talking with our team about whether we might be a good fit to help you develop, edit, publish, and launch your book?

You’ve done enough research to know the value of retaining your own creative vision, full legal rights, and 100% profits from your book.

You have an eye for quality work and a high standard that anyone you work with is a seasoned professional—knowledgeable, responsive, and collaborative.

This book you’re planning to publish is the beginning of your long-term trajectory as an author, growing your own readership, and building your own business.

When you work with the Paper Raven Books team, we bring in experts who specialize in each part of the book publishing process so that your vision becomes a reality. We’re a full-scale publishing team, partnering with you to create the book that will make all the difference in your life ahead.

There are two primary ways we work with authors.

1. Concierge Publishing Services

We can work with you through all four phases of the book process: developing the content, comprehensive editing, professional publication, and platform-building book launch.

What's the investment level of our concierge publishing services? It depends on where you are in the book-writing journey.

If you haven't started writing, we would begin by developing your book content (either with a dedicated book coach or a ghostwriter), then we could move into editing the manuscript, publishing the book, and creating a platform-building book launch campaign that's specifics to your audience. This full scope takes about a year, and the investment is $40,000.

If you'd like to talk with us about how we can help you, from the beginning of developing your book, you can submit a fully refundable application fee and schedule a time to talk with us.

If you only need a portion of that full scope, though, both the investment and the time to market would come down. For instance, authors who have already written a manuscript and only need editing and publication may sit in a scope closer to $15,000 to $20,000, depending on the manuscript.

If you have already written a manuscript, we would suggest a manuscript review, so that we can help you think through what level of editing your book needs before it goes into publication.

Click here for more information about what a “manuscript review” with our looks like.

2. Book Coaching & Mentorship

If you're interested in discovering how to write, publish, and market a book with all the modern best practices, we do occasionally open enrollment into our Book Coaching & Mentorship, which is more affordable to first-time authors who are just starting out.

Our team guides you through all of the most important aspects of your book—writing, publishing, and marketing your book in a way that grows your readership—so you can successfully launch your next book with our help.

This Book Coaching & Mentorship program is a hybrid program: some pieces are workshops that are available for you at your convenience. Some pieces are group writing sessions, Q&A sessions, or critique workshops. Some pieces are one-on-one calls with one of our senior book coaches or production team or marketing team to review your manuscript, to choose a book cover, or to strategize your marketing plan. 

And, remember, as with all of our work with authors, this entire process is done in your name (not ours), so that you’re published as a truly independent author, with full control over your book, your rights, your accounts, your files, and your royalties—all yours, forever and ever, amen.

Our goal is simple: to create a high-quality, compelling book that you’ll be proud to sell for years and decades to come. 

It’s custom. It’s professional. It’s YOURS.

We’re your publishing professional mentors, guiding you along the smoothest, easiest way to finally become an author.

Click here for more details about how our Book Coaching & Mentorship program works.