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How We Can Help You

Professional Publishing Services

Are you interested in talking with our team about whether we might be a good fit to help you develop, edit, publish, and launch your book?

You’ve done enough research to know the value of retaining your own creative vision, full legal rights, and 100% profits from your book.

You have an eye for quality work and a high standard that anyone you work with is a seasoned professional—knowledgeable, responsive, and collaborative.

This book you’re planning to publish is the beginning of your long-term trajectory as an author, growing your own readership, and building your own business.

When you work with the Paper Raven Books team, we bring in experts who specialize in each part of the book publishing process so that your vision becomes a reality. We’re a full-scale publishing team, partnering with you to create the book that will make all the difference in your life ahead.

Here’s how we work with most authors to
develop, edit, publish, and launch their books:



Book Coaching & Mentorship

Or, maybe you’re a writer who is interested in discovering more about writing, publishing, and marketing so that you can become a successful, independent author?

We work with a few authors at a time in our “Book Coaching & Mentorship” program, where we walk you through the process of refining your book concept, writing a compelling manuscript, designing the book for production, and growing your author platform to prepare for your book launch.

This is definitely not your typical do-it-yourself program, though.

Our book coaches consult with your on your manuscript throughout the writing process, to make sure the narrative arc is coming together in a compelling book structure.

Our design team works with you on the vision for your book and handles your book cover and interior, with your input along the way, to make sure it’s a beautiful book that you’re proud to publish.

Our production team formats all the files, uploads your files to your publishing accounts, to makes sure the ebook and physical versions of your book are for sale globally. There’s no inventory to manage; it’s all extremely high-quality print-on-demand. You receive the royalties straight to your bank account with every sale.

Our marketing team sets up your author website and email list with you, and advises on the best strategies for your specific readership around growing social media, getting the book into hands of influencers, and gathering reviews and awards when your book launches.

Our team is available every week for real-time conversations, as we go through the publishing process together. You have a full year with us to step into your life as an author. Spots in this program are extremely limited and only open up occasionally!

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Book Coaching & Mentorship with our team.