August 31

How to Write a Book that Sparks a Movement

Morgan shared her insights on how to write a book that sparks a movement in an interview with Jake Frankel on Medium.

Growing up surrounded by books, she was inspired to create her own publishing path. In the article, Morgan recounts an experience working for a publisher where a promising manuscript was rejected due to the author's lack of a platform, leading her to consider an alternative approach. Even unknown authors can sell thousands of copies, gather reviews, and attract a loyal readership, she just needed to find a way to help them accomplish this. 

What she found was a book staring back at her through the computer screen that would help authors write, publish, and market their books. It was the tool she needed to empower authors to achieve their visions. Her self-help novel, Start Writing Your Book Today sparked a movement through writing.

Morgan dives into five keys to writing a book that sparks a movement. She advocates for concise, impactful books and emphasizes the content doesn’t need to be new, it needs to offer a fresh perspective. Your perspective. 

Read the full article over on Medium.

And watch Morgan break down the top 5 tips in under 5 minutes on YouTube.


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