Having trouble accessing

your project or program with us?

We’re sorry you’re experiencing some technical difficulties! If it’s during business hours, you can email us (hello@paperravenbooks.com) or call or text us at (720-912-3430), and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

All of our resources for authors are stored in our Circle community.

Setting up publishing accounts (KDP, IngramSpark), checking sales reports, setting up social media, and more are all in the Circle account. So, we recommend checking there first.

Click here to access Circle.

All of our conversations with you about your project, if you’re actively engaged with our team for 1:1 work,  for authors are store in our Basecamp platform.

Questions about the status of your project, what your next steps are, what our timeline in, how to access the files we’ve created for your book, and more are all in your personal Basecamp project.

Click here to access Basecamp.

For access to your Basecamp project, please email hello@paperravenbooks.com

If you’re not yet working with our team but you’d like to know more about how we work with authors, we recommend checking out how we work with authors.

Hopefully this helps!