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Help — Teachable

Logging into Teachable… 😤🤬😩

If you’re having trouble, you are not alone! Teachable is funny because it technically has two ways students can access online courses through the platform.

Way #1: Logging into This is the “main portal” for Teachable. You might have a separate log-in username and password for this main website. This is really only relevant if you have purchased online courses from other people, too, and want to see all of the different “schools” you’ve purchased from in the past.

Way #2: Logging into a specific school. For instance, Paper Raven Books has its own “school” that is hosted on Teachable. You likely have a separate log-in username and password for our school, in particular.

We recommend logging directly into our school to access our courses and bundles here:

There, you’ll be able to enter the email address you used to purchase the course or bundle from us, along with the password you set up with our school, to log in.

When you first purchase an online course or bundle from us, Teachable will want you to verify your email address before you do anything else. Teachable will automatically send a confirmation email with a link to activate your account. Note: THIS EMAIL OFTEN GETS LOST IN SPAM OR DELETED because you aren’t expecting it to come. 😆 That email will look like this (and you’ll click that “Access Course” button to verify and be taken to our school:

If you didn’t see that email and you didn’t click on that “Access Course,” Teachable believes you haven’t verified your email. When you try to log into our school, directly, Teachable will give you an “invalid user” error. This also means that you cannot login at the “main portal” at Your first login MUST be at (which technically redirects to

The quickest and easiest way to do get access to the courses and bundles you’ve purchased with us is to reset your password at our school website.

Here are the screen-by-screen instructions to reset your password: 

When you go to, it should look like this:


Do not buy anything! Just click “Login” at the top right-hand corner, and it’ll take you to the log-in page for our Paper Raven Books Library, which should look like this:


Here, click “Forgot Password.” You can then enter the email address you used to purchase the course or bundle with us, and it’ll send you a link to choose a new password.






If you’d like our help and it’s during business hours, you can use the chat bubble on this page. Or you can call or text us at (720-912-3430) or email us (, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!