July 11

From Idea to Published Work: Mastering Self-Publishing with Morgan Gist MacDonald

Morgan and Kevin discuss the financial aspects of indie publishing, highlighting the costs and potential profits, and the long-term benefits of building a backlist.

Morgan had an insightful chat with Kevin King from AM|PM Podcast where she shared her extensive knowledge of the self-publishing process, helping authors turn their ideas into published works. Whether you’re writing children’s books, personal stories, or professional guides, Morgan’s expertise will guide you through every step.

They also touch on their personal experiences, including Kevin’s West Texas jail story, reinforcing his entrepreneurial spirit and drawing parallels between Amazon sellers, e-commerce, and book publishing. 

This episode is packed with valuable insights for anyone looking to publish a book and achieve greater success and independence in their literary endeavors.

Explore the evolving landscape of book buying and reading habits, from the nostalgic days of Barnes & Noble to the rise of e-books and audiobooks with Amazon and Kindle. Discover how publishing a book can establish authority and credibility, with real-life examples of authors landing substantial consulting gigs through strategic book publishing. Get inspired by the importance of preserving personal stories and experiences, and learn about the comprehensive process of book creation, from content development to publication and marketing strategies. Dive into the resurgence of interest in physical books, driven by platforms like TikTok, and the growth of indie bookstores alongside Amazon’s dominance.

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