January 4

Free book-writing crash course to help you write your book in 2016

What are your hopes for 2016? More money and clients flowing into your business? More speaking and workshop opportunities to talk about your passion? Finally publish your book and become an author?

If you’re building a business or a platform, I would bet that all of those things are on your 2016 bucket list.

And if you’re like most people, you’ll let another year go by without writing even a first draft, let alone finishing your book.

But I don’t want you to spend another year, struggling to write and ending December with another New Year’s resolution to write a book, maybe in 2017.

Instead, I want to give you a plan of action for writing your book. The truth is that writing a book really isn’t complicated. It takes dedication and time, but if you have some guidance, accountability, and a solid plan, all you need is persistence, and you can write your book.

In fact, you don’t need a whole year to write your book. You need 90 days of dedication.

Seem like a tight time frame? It’s not as tight as you might think. Let me show you exactly the system I’ve used for myself and my clients to write a high-quality book in 90 days.

I’ve put together a free book-writing crash course that’s intended to help you get motivated and writing your book today.

It’s a video series that covers some of the most important elements of writing a book:

  1. Three things you need to know about about the publishing industry and why NOW is the perfect time for your book.
  2. The quick start method that will get you clear on your topic and motivated to write today.
  3. How you can write a high-quality, publishable book that you are proud to sell in 90 days.

The free book-writing crash course starts TOMORROW (Tuesday 1/5), so grab a spot here:


And if you have friends who’ve been talking about writing a book, forward this email to them. It’d be more fun to go through the crash course together. Then, you’ll have built-in accountability as you’re writing. Nice.

Oh, and the free book-writing crash course ends on January 11, so go ahead and sign up now, before you get distracted by something else. ;)

See you in the crash course!


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