“Fast Draft” Writing Group BBP Upgrade with Paper Raven Books

"fast draft" writing group VIP with Paper Raven Books

Since you've already invested $3,000 for the "Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan, we're happy to credit that initial investment toward the retail $5,000 for the "Fast Draft" writing group. You'll have the writing support you need, both with peers who are also writing, as well as our team of senior book coaches, for a full year. Includes access to:

  • Writing curriculum for your type of book, to provide solid, foundational guidance in the craft of writing,
  • Co-writing sessions, available at different times throughout the week,
  • Weekly Q&A sessions with our senior book coaches,
  • Monthly Critique workshops,
  • The support you need to finish writing your full first draft!

Once you finish your draft, you'll also receive all of the "Breakthrough Bestseller" Plan deliverables that we have planned, including the full manuscript review and market analysis.

If you ever need to change the card, just let us know, and we'll be happy to help.

We're excited to write your book with you!