REVEALED: The "90-Day Fast Draft" Method

Unlock the powerful combination of “sketching” and “drafting” to finally
get ideas out of your head and onto the page,
with stories of deep characters, rich scenes, and surprising twists...
even if your book has been on hold, life has gotten in the way, 
and all you have is a pile of unorganized notes

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  • A case study of how one author wrote 80,945 words in less than 90 days and then went on to write ANOTHER three books in just a few months, releasing a full series in one year! (Plus, why those books already have thousands of sales, hundreds of reviews, and a loyal fanbase!)
  • The four massive mistakes writers make in their writing (hint: it has nothing to do with grammar and everything to do with the actual process of writing the full first draft of their book).
  • The counter-intuitive approach to a “90-Day Draft” Method that will help you finally get your story out of your head and onto the page, with a plan of action to review and revise characters, scenes, dialogue, conflict, and the path of rising action into the grand finale of the plot.
  • And much, much more!

If you're wondering how other people write books and whether you could write more quickly and efficiently...
This workshop is for YOU if...

  • You are writing a book with a creative narrative that might include characters, dialogue, and a story arch. 

  • You would consider your book to be fiction, memoir, a creative nonfiction book, or something in between.
  • You’ve written a book before, but you've somehow lost the motivation that you used to have.
  • You’ve started writing this book, but you keep procrastinating, and you're just not making the progress you thought you would.
  • You’ve never written a book before, and you’re a complete beginner.

This is information that NO ONE else is sharing in the writing world, and I believe that you'll be able to use these exact strategies to start making immediate, significant progress in your writing, even if you've been stuck in procrastination for longer than you'd want to admit!


This is for you if you want to write award-winning books and get your books in front of thousands of new readers, even if you're writing on the side, life keeps getting in the way, and you're not sure whether you have what it takes to finish writing this book.

Fiction Novels
Rapid Release Trilogies

Phil Asmundson released his first trilogy of novels, and has debuted in the YA Sci-Fi genre with hundreds of sales, even with no following, no social media, and no connections. His novels use real principles of physics in his world-building, and he's building an entirely new author career off the back of these first books.

Memoirs and
Standalone Stories

Laurie Scott published her memoir and has already  sold more than 5,000 copies, many of which have come from her audiobook. She's now asked to speak to nonprofits, churches, and organizations around the country about her experiences. She's starting a movement with her readers.

Personal and Professional Development Books

Annette Kam is a first-time author whose book has topped 100 reviews in just a few short months AND has opened up opportunities to work with new clients and nonprofits, both privately and in group workshops, in estate planning for families. She's growing a business off the back of her book. 


Paper Raven Books

The Paper Raven Books team partners with authors to produce professional, bestselling books. We've developed, edited, published, and launched over 100 books in nonfiction, memoir, and fiction. Every book is unique in its voice and style, and every successful book has a few key things in common: an eager market, engaging content, and an ongoing journey that allows the reader to stay in the author's world.

Morgan Gist MacDonald

Founder & CEO

Morgan began her career in academia, as a Sociologist, but soon found the entrepreneurial pull to take her skills as a researcher, writer, teacher, and leader into building a publishing company, from the ground up. With more than 15 years’ experience in writing, editing, and publishing books, Morgan leads the Paper Raven Books team in developing the best practices for publishing successfully in the modern, digital age.

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