"Make Money Editing Books" Challenge Resource Page

Replays & Resources from the "Make Money Editing Books" Free Challenge:

📍 Monday, Day 1—New opportunities in the book editing world: Discover the new trends and possibilities that are opening up an enormous amount of editorial work that’s flexible, steady, and lucrative

📍 Tuesday, Day 2—Editorial Scope: The best practices in deciding what type of editing you’re doing for each project, and what you’re NOT doing, so you don’t feel like the client is constantly coming back for more (free) wor

📍 Wednesday, Day 3—Pricing Models: What should you price at different points in your professional journey and why your pricing strategy can actually protect you from undercharging and undermining how much your clients
value your work

📍 Thursday, Day 4—Attracting New Clients: How to get in front of the perfect clients who value your work and are glad to pay premium prices, without wasting time on networking or posting on social media

📍 Friday, Day 5—Income Growth Cycles: The no-fail method for using all of your past experiences to land bigger, better-fit editorial projects so that you can predictably grow a sustainable, income stream of $1,000 (or more!) each month

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