DIY Book-Writing Course


You don’t want to (or need to) reinvent the wheel. You know others have written books before and have probably figured out a pretty good system for organizing ideas, developing writing habits, and getting a book put together.

You just want to see how a professional would guide you through the process, but you are currently in a season of life where a self-study, location-independent, financially conservative approach makes the most sense.

We’ve got you covered.

In fact, we have two entirely different approaches to writing books: one for nonfiction writers (which focuses on how to structure personal stories, lessons learned, and information) and one for fiction writers (which focuses on how to create compelling characters and page-turning storylines).

So, the question for you is: Are you currently writing a nonfiction book or a fiction novel?

⇒ Click here if you’re writing a nonfiction book. ⇐
(Examples: business, biography, self-help, how-to, information)

⇒ Click here if you’re writing a fiction novel. ⇐
(Examples: novels, children’s books, comics, screenplays, short stories)