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Custom Paid Traffic
Book Funnel


I know you were excited to click on that title, “Custom Paid Traffic Book Funnel” because you know exactly what that is and how powerful it is.

I’m not going to waste a second of your time talking about social media, SEO, or selling books at the back of a conference room.

You have a book (or will soon have a book) that is the on-ramp for a reader to find you and come to know, like, and trust you through the pages of your book. Most of your readers have their lives forever changed by your book, and you’re grateful for that.

AND you know that 80% of your revenue will come from the top 20% of your readers, who want to work with you in a deeper way.

You have (or have a plan for) the back-end of your book: coaching, consulting, workshops, retreats, online courses, membership sites. Hell, the works.

The book is your foot in the door with your audience.

It’s a loss leader. On purpose.

You just want the most strategic, effective way to get that high-powered loss-leader of a book in front of the perfect audience.

And no way are you messing around with a bookstore. Who gets to keep the customer’s information when they buy a book from a bookstore? Yeah, the bookstore.

Nope, you want to run paid traffic to an optimized funnel that sells your book, and you get to keep the customer’s email, address, and pixel information stored safely away so that you can nurture that reader into your next offering.

Yep, I’m speaking your language.

And I know how powerful this kind of funnel is.

I’ve mentored under Ryan Levesque since 2017 and seen inside the split tests and nitty-gritty of his Ask book funnel, which helped him generate his first $3 million year. And I was inside the live launch of his Choose book funnel, which generated 20,000 sales in pre-launch. That funnel has now brought in multiple millions into his company.

And under his guidance, I’ve been my own book funnel, which you can check out for yourself, here:

(And if you don’t answer all the questions, don’t worry. I’ll have you pixeled, and I’ll follow you around with retargeting ads. ;)

I’ve also consulted on some of the newest, most innovative, most effective book funnels out there, like those built by:

  • Licia Rester and Kirk Souder, co-authors of The Soul Purpose Method
  • Lisa Canning, author of The Possibility Mom
  • Ayelet Marinović, author of Understanding Your Baby and Understanding Your Toddler
  • And several others whom I won’t name publicly.

These book funnels are built on the following principles:

  • A book funnel should be positive return on ad spend when run to cold traffic.
  • 50% or more of the people who enter the funnel should provide an email address.
  • If an email address is not provided, there should be retargeting ads in place to bring them back to the funnel.
  • After an email address is captured, the potential reader should be shown a compelling sales page that sells the book. (We have found that asking for $9 plus shipping and offering bonuses that add up to a $100 value or more is highly effective. More than 5% of those landing on the sales page convert to the sale.)
  • After a new customer has purchased the book (plus bonuses), there should be two one-click upsells in place. For every 5 customers who purchase a book, 1 should purchase the first upsell. For every 5 customers who purchase the first upsell, 1 should purchase the second upsell.
  • An email sequence should be set up on the back-end to offer the book to any non-buyers.
  • When the upsells are digital, the funnel has the best chance of being positive return on ad spend, when the cost to print, warehouse, and ship the book is taken into account.
  • With a competent ads manager (who knows how to do research on audience targeting), a book funnel like this is designed to scale to $100/day, $1,000/day, and beyond, while maintaining a neutral or positive return on ad spend.

When you can get your book into people’s hands for a neutral or positive return on ad spend and then have the ability to offer them something priced at 10x or 100x or 1,000x the price of the book on the back-end?

Well, my friend, that is how you WIN the modern game of publishing success.

If you and I are speaking the same language, let’s get on the phone and talk about what a Custom Paid Traffic Book Funnel could look like for you.

And, although I know you and I are on the same wavelength, it’s prudent for me to say this very straightforwardly…

This opportunity to work with me, personally, and my team of funnel masters?

It’s a high five-figure investment, plus a minimum of $2,000 per month in ad spend, while we get the funnel to a neutral or positive return on ad spend.

It’s not for everyone…

But it might be for you…

And we do have the flexibility of a payment plan to help make it as affordable as possible.

But there is a catch.

This Custom Paid Traffic Book Funnel offer is by application only, and the reason for that is:

1) I want to make sure this is a good fit for you, and

2) I want to make sure you’re not a total weirdo! ;) This is a close working relationship with me and a team of my best funnel masters, and we want you to be a good fit for us, too.

If you’re interested, here are the next steps. You’re going to click on the link here:

⇒ ⇐

You’ll submit your $100 application fee that is fully refundable. If you’re not a fit or you change your mind, I’ll send that $100 straight back to you. But if you are a fit and you are accepted, we’ll credit that $100 application fee toward your tuition.

You’ll fill out the application questions, and you’ll book a call with me so that you and I can chat. I’ll get to know a bit more about you, your book, and your business model, and we’ll chat about whether this is a good fit for you.