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Create a Movement with A Book

how to create a movement with a book

“It doesn’t matter how long or short the book is, but it must be engaging and it has to deliver on something that your reader really cares about.”

In this episode of Influence by Design, publishing expert Morgan Gist MacDonald discusses the enduring power of the written word in today's digital age. She emphasizes that whether you are a coach, a thought leader, or a business owner, publishing a book can significantly expand your influence and reach.

Morgan specializes in partnered publishing and works with individuals who want to write, publish, and market books that enhance their businesses and platforms. She provides valuable insights into how to strategically use a book to boost your authority and make a meaningful impact.

Books offer a unique and intimate way for readers to connect with your ideas, and with Morgan's guidance, you can gain the confidence to publish your book and create a movement that resonates with your audience.

Listen to the full podcast conversation here.