May 10

Crafting the Written Word: Insights from Morgan Gist MacDonald

In a recent interview with Mike on Million Dollar Stories, Morgan Gist MacDonald, author of “Start Writing Your Book Today,” uncovered invaluable insights into the world of writing and publishing.

 She emphasizes the power of storytelling, urging authors to infuse personal narratives to deepen reader connections and enrich content. 

Want an idea of what she discussed? Speaking on topics like storytelling, word count, how to create interesting titles, and why it’s important to garner reviews and how to get them. 

When it comes to where to start, Morgan suggests aiming for 30,000 words initially but encourages authors to expand if needed, focusing on delivering quality over word count and prioritizing content before choosing a fitting title. But when it comes time to give your work a title, stick with one that resonates with readers and aligns with the author's identity.

Additionally, Morgan shares effective strategies for garnering book reviews, stressing their pivotal role in enhancing credibility and driving sales. By leveraging lead magnets and follow-up emails, authors can effectively boost their book's visibility and success on platforms like Amazon. The conversation with Morgan Gist MacDonald offers aspiring authors invaluable guidance on navigating the complexities of writing, publishing, and promoting their books.

Listen now and gain all the detailed insights Morgan has to offer.


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