December 1

What you need to know before publishing a book

    First-time authors generally spend years thinking about their book, even when they have a pretty good idea of what they’d like to write about. So, what’s the delay between having the idea and actually starting to write? You feel like there’s so much you need to know before publishing a book, right?

    Well, there are usually a few key questions that linger in the back of the mind and feel like a huge hurdle before publishing—questions like: Do I self-publish or traditionally publish? How do I make money off the book? What are the common mistakes that I’ll probably walk into? What does the overall process of writing and publishing a book look like?

    To the first-time author, these feel like huge, daunting, nearly unanswerable questions. To someone who’s been through the process before, these questions are actually answered fairly easily. That’s why someone who’s published once will often kick out several more books, with much less consternation.

    And I know if you’re a driven, ambitious person with a big vision (and the book you’re planning to write is part of that big vision), you really just need these few key questions answered, a little direction, and then your book can literally happen in a matter of months.

    That’s exactly why I put together a free, live webinar training, with my guidance on exactly what you need to know before publishing a book. I’m putting on these webinars next week (Tuesday, December 6th and Thursday, December 8th), and this is what I’ll be walking you through:

    • How to know whether you should self-publish or traditionally publish, even how many subscribers you need in your email list and social media following to make publishing worthwhile.
    • Three ways you can use a book to increase revenue, land speaking gigs, and sell more books to create growth in your business and predictable revenue.
    • Seven mistakes every writer makes before writing their first book and how you can avoid these mistakes when you start writing your own book.
    • A step-by-step method for writing and publishing your book, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer and even if you’ve done zero research on how to publish a book.

    These are live webinars, so I’ll stay on the line to answer your questions afterward, even bounce book ideas with you, if you want.

    But there are only two options available and attendance is limited by the webinar platform, so if you know you want answers to these questions from a book coach who’s walked authors through the writing and publishing process, now’s the time to grab your seat.


    Join in for the webinar:
    How Successful Entrepreneurs Write & Publish a Book that Builds their Business

    Tuesday, December 6th or Thursday, December 8th

    Click here to grab your seat.

    Looking forward to seeing you there! And don’t forget to bring your questions. :)


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