SPECIAL ENCORE: What does it REALLY take to publish a bestselling book?

How one first-time author is using a little-known marketing strategy to quietly sell over 10,000 books without wasting ANY time on social media, blogging ,or guest posting. 

What we're going to cover during the training:
  • A case study of how one first-time author sold over 10,000 books with this same book marketing strategy (and how you can implement this EXACT strategy when it's time to launch or even re-launch YOUR book),
  • The three mistakes that most authors make that actually PREVENT visibility, reviews, and long-term sales of their books.
  • A little-known book marketing strategy that the most successful independent authors are using to publish breakthrough bestselling books in all sorts of random genres,
  • And much, much more!


Authors who want to write award-winning books and get their books in front of thousands of new readers, even if they have no list, no following, and no connections in the publishing industry.

Fiction Novels
Rapid Release Trilogies

Phil Asmundson released his first trilogy of novels, and has debuted in the YA Sci-Fi genre with hundreds of sales, even with no following, no social media, and no connections. His novels use real principles of physics in his world-building, and he's building an entirely new author career off the back of these first books.


Laurie Scott published her memoir and has already  sold more than 5,000 copies, many of which have come from her audiobook. She's now asked to speak to nonprofits, churches, and organizations around the country about her experiences. She's starting a movement off the back of her book.

Personal and Professional Development Books

Annette Kam is a first-time author whose book has topped 100 reviews in just a few short months AND has opened up opportunities to work with new clients and nonprofits, both privately and in group workshops, in estate planning for families. She's growing a business off the back of her book. 

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