September 24

12 easy steps to write a book that builds your platform


A book is one of the best ways to build a business and a platform that has a clear message and reaches your ideal audience. Not so long ago, it would take years for a writer years to publish a 60,000-word manuscript, go through the editing and layout process with a big publishing house, and finally start promoting a book. Now, you can write your book and start promoting, as fast as you want to.

In my experience as both a writing coach and an author, it’s completely doable for you to write a book that builds a long-term platform in 90 days.

And I’m not talking about the method that a lot of other people are selling. I can’t tell you how many services, programs, and whatnot that say they’ll teach you how to write a book, but they spend very little time talking about the actual writing part and much more time teaching about Amazon rankings and Facebook ads. There’s more to being an author than just marketing.

You want to write a book that you’re proud of, that is of high enough quality to be published anywhere, Amazon or Random House. You want to create the kind of book that opens doors for your life—the kind of book that a potential client reads and says, “Wow, this book changed my life. I want to work with the author!”—the kind of book that a leader in your industry reads and says, “Yeah, this author seriously knows what she’s talking about. I need to reach out to her asap.”

But, when it comes down to it, how do you write this life-changing book. What are the steps?

You're in the right place. I’ve taken all of my best coaching advice for my author clients and created an easy-to-follow, step-by-step quick start guide, all about how to write your book: 12 Steps to Write a Book that Boosts Your Business and Builds Your Platform.

The quick start guide starts with the good writing habits you’ll need to establish so that you can stay motivated and actually finish the book. The guide goes all the way through organizing your writing, several drafts, getting feedback, and proofreading.

There’s nothing else on the market, in print or online, that lays out the steps to write a book in such a clear and practical way. It’s all there, every step between now and you writing a book that boosts your business and builds your platform.

This 12-step guide is available for download right here:

Click Here to Get the Guide

Do you know others who want to write a book? Share this article with them, so they can pick up this free quick start guide to help them start and finish their book, too.

Your life as an author is yours for the taking. Time to start writing!


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