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There are four different publishing paths for the modern author. Ready to discover which one's right for your book?

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Are you writing, publishing, or marketing a book?
We just might be the publishing partner you've been looking for—right there with you, through every part of becoming a published, successful author.

We’re a team of publishing professionals who are changing the way authors publish their books, gather a readership, and set up for long-term success.


We collaborate with incredible authors to create beautiful books that launch with massive visibility and continue to attract readers and reviews for years to come.


Whether you're still writing, or you're ready for editing, publication, and launch, we can meet you where you are to bring your first or next book out to the world.


It’s a NEW Kind of Publishing.

We believe the best books happen when the author and the publisher are on the same team.

Our professional publishing team handles all of the editing, design, publication, and launch of your book, while you keep all of the advantages of self-publishing your book.

You control the creative vision.

You maintain all the legal rights.

You keep all the profits.

We Work with Incredible Authors

Paper Raven Books is an international team of dedicated professionals, who are kick arse at keeping an author motivated to the end. I recommend them to authors publishing for the first time, the second time, or the nth time. The Paper Raven Books team really care about making your book the best it can be!

Islin Munisteri

I knew I only had one shot to make an impression with this book, so I needed a pro team. I’m just happy I found Paper Raven Books. The team is very professional and interested in the success of the author. I can honestly say that everything went smoothly. I feel confident that I’m releasing a book that has been given the thumbs up.

Dr. Jerry Iavarone

I was new to the publishing world and knew absolutely nothing about writing a book. Working with Paper Raven Books was such an educational experience, and I now have a published book :) The whole team was so wonderful with hand-holding, and I was never afraid to ask questions. You guys really are a great one-stop shop!

Shannon Benish

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