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How long have you been trying to write a book?

Your book has been on your mind for a while, now—or, on your heart, really. You know that writing this book could completely change your message, your business, your life. You have a fairly good idea of what you want to write about, generally, and you’ve even attempted to start the book a time or two (or five), but the words just cut short.

And you get scared.

And those thoughts creep in…

What if I start this book and never finish and waste so much time in between?

What if I’m not a good writer and everyone who reads it hates it?

What if I’ve built up this book in my mind and I finally write the damn thing, only to find out that it’s really not that good?

What if I’m approaching this whole writing thing the wrong way?

As much as you want to write the book, you just can’t seem to make time to devote to the book.

And that’s what you tell yourself and other people, right? That you’re going to write the book, but you’re just really busy, right now, and wouldn’t it be better to wait until life slows down a little bit?

I know the justifications well because I use them, too. But here’s what else I know:

I know that when there’s a challenge put to you, you rise to the occasion.

I know that you have overcome incredible obstacles in your life before.

I know that when you put your mind and heart into something, you achieve your dreams.

I know that with a little guidance and a little push, you absolutely can write this book.

But what’s missing? What’s the missing link to get you from floundering in self-doubt to a finished first draft?

What if you had a solid plan for writing your book and a group of writers who would help you get from vague idea to finished first draft?

I’m Morgan Gist MacDonald, founder and managing editor of Paper Raven Books. My team and I help entrepreneurs write and publish incredible books that bringing in credibility, growth, and sales to their business. We’ve coached dozens of writers through their first drafts, then helped them publish and launch a best-selling book.

And we would like to invite you to join our #StartWriting group.


I’ve been doing this for long enough to realize something extremely valuable:

You need three (and only three) things to write your book.

1. You need structure.

Here’s the interesting thing: it really doesn’t matter what structure you have. You’ve probably seen 10 or more different writing methods and systems. Want to know which ones work? They all work. You just have to pick one and commit to writing.

In this #StartWriting group, we’ll give you access to our tried-and-true method for moving from vague idea through first draft and on to published book. We’ve condensed everything we’ve learned from coaching writers into one eight-module course, with videos that walk you through every phase of the writing process. The full sales page of this course is available (http://paperravenbooks.com/writingcourse), but here’s a run-down of the book-writing structure we know and love.

Module 1: Becoming a Productive Writer. This module is designed to help you burst through your counter-productive mindset. You’ll learn how to adopt a writer’s mindset that will make it possible for you to write your book with confidence, you’ll learn productivity hacks that will boost your word count during every writing session, and you’ll learn how to stay motivated to continue writing, all the way through your book.These are the foundational mindset pieces and habits that you’ve been missing all along. Once you have them in place, you’ll gain an unstoppable momentum in your writing.

Module 2: Getting from Vague Idea to First Draft. You probably either have a million ideas but no clue how to narrow down to one, specific book topic, or you have a couple of core ideas but no clue how to broaden them to fill an entire book. Either way, this module has got you covered. Learn the most effective techniques to generate new ideas and insights to your topic, a method of organizing all of your ideas so they’re not overwhelming, and a full-proof way to write your first draft, quick and easy.

Module 3: Transforming the First Draft into a Compelling Book. So, you have a first draft. It’s rough, it’s messy, and you wonder how you’ll ever turn it into a “real” book. I’ll show you a super secret editor’s tool. This is the key to re-working a rough first draft into a book that engages the reader, flows with style and grace, and packs a powerful punch that leaves the reader saying, “Wow! That was an amazing book!”

Module 4: Revising Like a Pro. The first draft is now well on its way to becoming a compelling book! But, how can you be sure that it’s truly a high-quality book? Well-written and worthy of five-star reviews? This module shows you the key characteristics of a high-quality book and how to revise your manuscript so that the sentences flow beautifully and your language is powerful. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, this module will help you revise your book so that you’ll be proud to put your name on it and claim the title of “author.”

Module 5: Asking for Constructive Feedback. You know you should have other people read your book and give you their opinion, but that sounds terrifying! Relax. we’ll show you how to ask for constructive feedback from editors and beta readers in a way that highlights exactly the type of feedback your book needs. We’ll also help you absorb and use that feedback without freaking out.

Module 6: Crafting a Title and Cover that Sells. You worry that people will judge your book by its cover? In this module, you’ll learn exactly how to come up with a title and design a cover that’ll have people clicking the “buy” button like it pops out candy. You’ll go from nervous about narrowing down on a final title to proudly posting your book cover all over your social media.

Module 7: The Art of Proofreading to Perfection. Worried you’ll miss a grammar error and get a dozen one-star reviews? This module will teach you THE best way to proofread your book, so that it’s truly publishable at the professional level. Even if you’re not great at grammar, this technique will work beautifully for you!

Module 8: Finished Manuscript and Building Your Author Platform. You finished your manuscript. Now what? You need to prepare a launch pad for you book. You need sexy systems in place to find readers, persuade them to buy your book, and then request a review for your book. These systems are exactly how a nobody author becomes a bestseller, and I’ll show you how to do it. Not techy? No problem. We’ll walk you through, step-by-step, nice and easy.

This book-writing structure is intense, it is thorough, and it will get you through every single step of your writing journey. But, remember, the structure isn’t enough. You need the second piece to make sure you actually finish your book.

2. You need accountability.

You may have tried to get accountability before. Maybe you told someone in your life that you were writing a book, and maybe they asked about it occasionally, but you never made it past the first chapter or two of writing. That’s not the type of accountability I’m suggesting.

Accountability should come in the form of regular, intentional meetings to talk specifically about your book. Accountability should know what you’re writing about, why this book is important to you, and what you’re struggling with, day-by-day. The best accountability will offer you a sounding board for your ideas, guidance on what to write next, and empathy for those writing days that just really suck.

That’s where the magic of the writing group comes in.

We’re hand-picking a small group of writers to write our first drafts together over a six-month period. We’ll all have the eight modules of the #StartWriting Course (listed above) to provide a firm structure for your writing time, but we will be holding space for intentional accountability. Here’s what our version of super-productive accountability looks like:

Monthly group workshops. Every month, our group of writers will hop on Zoom (a video conferencing platform that’s super easy to use). We’ll coach each of you, one-by-one. We’ll talk through your structural issues, writing struggles, and inner battles. We’ll all offer support to you, advice, wisdom, and encouragement. And, of course, if you can’t make a call, we’ll have a recording for everyone.

Accountability partners. Every week that we don’t have a large group call, you will have a call with your accountability partner. You will be there for each other to share struggles, read each other’s writing, and push each other on to the next milestone. This one-on-one writing accountability will help you make faster progress in your writing than you’d believe possible.

Tools for effective accountability. We’re going to give you and your accountability partner the tools you need to maintain a strong presence for each other. You’ll have a writing tracking sheet, where you log your writing, so that you can talk to each other about what’s working well and what’s not in your writing schedule. We’ll give you training on how to provide useful feedback on a first draft so that you’re focusing on the right type of feedback. We’ll even teach you how to strategically encourage each other to go into another week of writing with a clear goal and motivation. Basically, we’m going to teach you how to be writing coaches for each other.

3. And you need FEEDBACK!

Every single week, you’ll receive individual feedback from your writing coach on your writing—what you’re doing well, what you should focus on for the next week, and suggestions on the best way to move forward. Since we also specialize in editing books and bringing them up to a publishable level, we know how to guide you, week-by-week, from messy ideas, all the way through to a finished first draft.

Who is this #StartWriting Group experience for?

This experience is best for someone who is writing nonfiction, since that’s what we typically coach and help with most effectively.

You should have three to five hours of writing time, each week, for six months.

You should have some way to capture your writing digitally. Writing in Google Docs, Word, Pages, or Scrivener would be best, but if you write by hand and dictate every other week, that will work, too. You need to be able to share your writing with your accountability partner.

You should be committed to reading your accountability partner’s writing, every two weeks, and ready to give your partner feedback on a phone call.

You should be willing to let someone else read your writing, even if it feels uncomfortable.

Growth happens outside of your comfort zone. If you’ve tried writing this book before and never completed a first draft, then it’s time to try something drastic. This just might be that drastic solution you’re looking for.


When do we start?

When you make your first payment, you’ll immediately get access to the #StartWriting course. We’ll pair you with an accountability partner, and we’ll have our first group call mid-September. We’ll go all the way through mid-March, six months.

Tentative call schedule:

  • Thursday, October 12 at 12:00pm noon Houston, TX time
  • Thursday, November 9 at 12:00pm noon Houston, TX time
  • Thursday, December 7 at 12:00pm noon Houston, TX time
  • Thursday, January 11 at 12:00pm noon Houston, TX time
  • Thursday, February 8 at 12:00pm noon Houston, TX time
  • Thursday, March 8 at 12:00pm noon Houston, TX time

What’s the investment?

You’re investing three to five hours of writing every week.

You’re investing one hour to talk with your accountability partner writing every week.

You’re investing two hours of group writing coaching every month.

You’re investing all of your energy, fear, and enthusiasm into your book for six months. This is your major project. You’re putting all other major projects on the back burner because these six months are all about your book.

And you’re investing $500 per month for six months for a total of $3,000. 

Keep in mind that the #StartWriting course, alone, typically costs $997, and when we coach writers one-on-one, they invest $4,500. So, $3,000 is an incredible value.

Are you ready? Let’s get you signed up, right here:

What do I get from this program, exactly?

At the end of all this investment over these six months, you will have a finished first draft, which you can pitch for traditional publishing or begin the process of self-publishing. Dreaming about publishing is fun, but you can’t do a damn thing until you write the first draft. Let’s write your book, together.

Then, you retain lifetime access to #StartWriting course, which will guide you through self-publishing. So, you’re well on your way to a published book!


What are the guarantees?

Since this is a group, we are all making guarantees to each other, and we’re going to hold us all very tightly to these guarantees.

We’re guaranteeing to support you in this group experience in our private Facebook group, to coach you during our group writing time, and to match you with an encouraging accountability partner.

You’re guaranteeing to us that you’ll do your best to write every week, that you’ll talk with your accountability partner every week, that you’ll show up for the calls every month.

If you do not hold up your end of being available to your accountability partner, we may ask you to leave the group. We don’t want to be rude about this, but we want everyone to feel supported both by us, but also by their partners and the whole group. If anyone disappears completely, we reserve the right to remove you from our group. So, if you say you can make this investment, please be 100% sure that you’re going to do your absolute best to show up, do the work, and be there for your accountability partner.

That said, if you have some life-altering emergency, we’ll gladly offer a refund period of 30 days. So, let us know by October 15th, and we will refund you payments you’ve made and cancel future payments. At that point, you will lose access to the #StartWriting course, as well.


(Otherwise known as “Shit, I’m actually really thinking about doing this, but I kind of want to talk myself out of it, so if any of these FAQs don’t answer my questions, I’m going to let my fear dictate my future.” My advice: as you read through the FAQ section, if part of you says, “Well, see, I can’t do it,” take a good, long look at that fearful part of yourself.)

What if I can’t make the calls?

We’ll record all of the calls, so you can always watch them later. If you have a question, just submit the question beforehand, and we’ll answer it during the call.

When will accountability partner calls be?

When you enroll, you’ll give let me know your widest availability (including early morning, daytime, and evening), and we’ll match you, based on free times. Then, you and your accountability partner can choose the best times that will work for you. But we’ll strongly encourage you to talk every week. 

What if my accountability partner drops off the radar and stops showing up for calls?

Let us know, and we’ll match you up with another person or two, right away.

What if I write fiction?

We typically coach nonfiction, but there is a lot of overlap. If this group writing experience feels like the perfect solution for you, you are welcome to apply. If we can find another fiction writer to pair you up with, then you can both join and serve as accountability partners for each other.


Ready for the best six months of your writing life?

Let’s do this. Sign up right here: