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#StartWriting Your Book Today Course

Get full access to Morgan’s step-by-step book-writing online course to go through at your own pace, on your own time.

This course starts with essential writing habits that’ll make your writing session efficient and (gasp!) enjoyable.

Then, we walk through how to generate tons of creative ideas, how to streamline those ideas into a solid chapter-by-chater structure, how to write your first draft quickly, and how to edit and revise your book.

Finally, we dive deep into self-publishing and building your author platform so you can have a stellar launch and continue to sell books long after the launch.

This course is everything you need to know to write and self-publish your book like a pro.

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Your Own
Writing Group

Join a small group of writers and a dedicated writing coach, who are all committed to helping you write the first draft of your book.

You’ll all have access to the full online #StartWriting Course to provide a firm structure for your writing time.

You’ll also receive weekly personal feedback from your writing coach, hold weekly conversations with your accountability partner, and be a part of monthly small group workshops with your writing coach to receive individual coaching time. Plus, access to your group and coach in a private Facebook group, so that you stay plugged into your goals.

You’ll have structure, accountability, coaching, and personal feedback on a compelling but reasonable six-month timeline.

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Write Your
First Draft
Quick & Easy

Work with Morgan as your personal book-writing coach over an intense, efficient, get-it-done timeline.

Over the course of working together for three months, you’ll have weekly feedback on what you’re writing, coaching calls to keep you on fire, and a tracking system to keep you on track. If you’ve struggled with writing before, you’ll be amazed at what quick and easy writing can truly feel like.

At the end of our time together, you not only have a first draft of your book, but you’ll also have a full evaluation of your book, with an individualized revision plan so that you know exactly how to revise your draft, going forward. Plus, Morgan’s support throughout your revisions.

You’ll be able to keep your focus on producing a high-quality book, and you’ll have a fire lit under your writing chair.

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